Wellspring International

Wellspring International

Wellspring International exists to empower you to impact the lives of women and children in need around the world. With extensive due diligence, we identify and financially equip existing organizations internationally who are meeting a legitimate need through methods of integrity to care for some of the most vulnerable people of humanity.

Women and children are often more vulnerable to particular forms of abuse, and our efforts focus on empowering individual donors to be informed about their giving and its impact for change. Our financial grants support organizations engaging with war-related issues, poverty-related issues, HIV/AIDS, victims of sexual exploitation, human trafficking, domestic violence, natural disasters, access to education, and tragedy. Additionally, we create opportunities for women through scholarships toward education, healthcare, basic living needs, and income-generating programs.

One-hundred percent of donations designated for Wellspring are distributed directly to organizations and individuals we have vetted. By connecting you to genuine need, together we impact a world far beyond ourselves.

History & Mission

The vision of Ravi Zacharias, Wellspring International was established in 2004 as the humanitarian arm of RZIM. It is an extension of our central focus, where we live out what we passionately defend.

Raised in a region of the world well-acquainted with human suffering, Ravi’s heart has always felt a particular burden for those living in poverty, injustice, and tragedy. As a community, RZIM believes that each person carries intrinsic value given by their Creator, and Wellspring was established as a meaningful way for RZIM to respond to some of the prevalent wounds of humanity.

Believing there are many who want to respond to some of the particular human tragedies of our time but are unsure of how to do so in a responsible and meaningful way, Wellspring’s extensive due diligence process gives an assurance that donations are meeting critical on the ground needs while providing donors with the transparency they desire.


Through a comprehensive process of due diligence, we identify international grassroots efforts and effective organizations operating with integrity to meet a legitimate local need.

Our process includes a detailed application, a review of key financial records, and an on-site visit that we believe is an integral piece in understanding the nature of the program. Prior to sending a grant, Wellspring establishes an annual Memorandum of Understanding with each organization that details the use of funds and reporting to affirm responsible giving for every donor and accountability for every organization.

Monitoring and reporting include monthly progress reports, quarterly financial reports, a third-party audit, and annual site visit by Wellspring International.

You can be confident that with a unique and carefully designed accountability process, Wellspring is looking out for your best interest to preserve the integrity of your donation.

"Love is the most powerful apologetic. It is the essential component in reaching the whole person in a fragmented world. The need is vast, but it is also imperative that we be willing to follow the example of Jesus and meet the need."

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