Ask Away Podcast

To Believe or Not to Believe

Feb 20, 2019

Is truth knowable? How do you choose whom or what to believe? This week, Drs. Vince and Jo Vitale spend time on an important question from an agnostic: "I have read books on both sides of the spectrum for God's existence...Now, to be honest, I have yet to make up my mind partly because [it] is just a huge subject; but I think that both sides can make good arguments for their case...It is not so much the philosophical points or scientific data that prevents me from believing; it is the Bible itself! How can we explain the passages where we read that Pharaoh's army went right into the sea while the Israelites were going through it? If I were Pharaoh, the sight of seeing the red sea split in half would make me at least stop, and consider the miracle right in front of his eyes, not go in there right after them without any deliberation." If you’ve ever wondered the same, you’re in good company. Join us this week to hear how Vince and Jo respond.

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