Who is Beyond Forgiveness? A Conversation with The Rev. Hassan John

Jun 28, 2019

Are there sins that are so awful that God won’t extend grace? How can we respond to those in our lives who have had irreparable evil perpetrated against them? Vince and Jo are joined this week by Hassan John, an Anglican minister serving in Jos, Nigeria. Jos has become a hotbed for Boko Haram terrorist activity, and Hassan’s ministry gives him a unique insight into the ways in which God is working even in the midst of evil circumstances.

You can read a firsthand account from Hassan in the Wall Street Journal here: “Boko Haram Put a Bounty on my Head”

Question Asked in This Episode:
“My friend is a rape and sexual assault survivor. While discussing grace she said her issue with it was that her rapist is given the same grace as her or me. I did think about where the line is and who should decide who does or does not receive grace if we say the rapist should not receive grace, but I was at a loss for how I should respond to her in the moment in a meaningful way. How should I respond to her?”

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