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Live on June 18, 2019

Who are You, God?

Shawn Hart at ReFresh

The word "God" gets used a lot in our culture, but do we all mean the same thing? Who is the God of Christianity and what is He like? Livestream Shawn Hart on Tuesday, June 18, 5:45–6:15 p.m. ET to hear more!

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Live on June 19, 2019

Where are You God?

Vince Vitale at ReFresh

When life is just too much, where is God? And how can He help? Join Vince Vitale Wednesday, June 19, at 5:45–6:15 p.m. ET as he speaks on this topic at ReFresh: Ready for College.

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Live on June 20, 2019

Who are We, God?

Kasey Leander at ReFresh

Who are we? Are humans accidental machines in a wide-open cosmos, or are we made for something more? Stream Kasey Leander live on Thursday, June 20, 5:45–6:15 p.m. ET.

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Live on June 21, 2019

Who Am I, God?

Michael Suderman at ReFresh

Who am I really, and how can I live fully into who God has made me to be? Join Michael Suderman as he unpacks these questions on Friday, June 21, 5:45–6:15 p.m. ET.

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