Christian Ethics Elective

A 9-week elective course that addresses the basic questions of ethics

The next offering will begin April 8, 2021. Register here.

Christian Ethics is a 9-week elective course that addresses the basic questions of ethics. What makes right, right and wrong, wrong? How ought we to live? Are some things always wrong no matter where or when they happen? How should we navigate sensitive controversial moral questions today like euthanasia, abortion, genetic engineering or others? This course aims to explore the most common approaches to understanding and grounding ethical systems, how we should approach difficult ethical decisions, and how we can thoughtfully engage in conversations about some of the most common complex moral issues we are facing in the world today.

This course features lectures from 12 different RZIM speakers, and like all RZIM Academy courses aims to equip individuals to better engage with the people around them who have questions about ethics. In the end, everyone has questions about ethics, even if not using that term. Although ethics can be a very complicated philosophical subject, it can also be immensely practical.

To take this course, you must first complete the Core Module.

ACSI has approved the Christian Ethics Elective for 4 CEUs (Bible; Educational).

For any questions, please contact

Cost: $149. Scholarships are also available. Apply here.

Module Lectures

Week 1

Lecture 1.1 – A brief history of ethical thought, part 1 Simon Edwards
Lecture 1.2 – A brief history of ethical thought, part 2 Simon Edwards

Week 2

Lecture 2.1 – Moral Relativism Dan Paterson
Lecture 2.1 – Secular attempts to ground objective morality Max Baker-Hytch

Week 3

Lecture 3.1 – God and morality: Natural law theories Simon Edwards
Lecture 3.2 – God and morality: Divine command theories John Njoroge

Week 4

Lecture 4.1 – Jesus meets Aristotle Andy Moore
Lecture 4.2 – Jesus meets Immanuel Kant Logan Gates

Week 5

Lecture 5.1 – Jesus meets John Stuart Mill Logan Gates
Lecture 5.2 – Jesus meets Jonathan Haidt Dan Paterson

Week 6

Lecture 6.1 – Ethical systems and the Bible John Njoroge
Lecture 6.2 – Eschatology and ethics Nathan Rittenhouse

Week 7

Lecture 7.1 – Human dignity Alycia Wood
Lecture 7.2 –Race Mahlatse Mashua

Week 8

Lecture 8.1 – Beginning-of-life issues Calum Miller
Lecture 8.2 – End-of-life issues Gareth Black

Week 9

Lecture 9.1 – Genetic engineering Andy Moore
Lecture 9.2 – Gender and sexuality Sam Allberry
Lecture 9.3 – Course wrap up Max Baker-Hytch

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