Islam Elective

This 9-week elective course covers the Muslim worldview in a much more detailed approach than the Core Module.

This 9-week course is an elective module designed for those who have already completed the Core Module, and would like to learn more about the religion of Islam. This course features lectures offered originally at the Understanding and Answering Islam Summit, and addresses the basic doctrines of Islam. This course is taught from a Christian perspective with an emphasis on learning to love our Muslim neighbors and better understand the reasons that many individuals embrace Islam.

This course is designed to help students better understand how Muslims view God, Muhammad, the Qur’an, the Bible, the Trinity, Jesus, and more. Here’s what a few students have said after completing the Islam Elective.

“Excellent course! I could feel the love of all speakers towards Muslim people; this was very touching.”

“This is a great course! I was reluctant to take it at first but am really glad I did. I learned so much about my own faith in addition to all the things I learned about Islam and Muslims and it was all very helpful. Thank you RZIM!”

“I know infinitely more about Islam and about common objections Muslims have to the Christian faith than I did before I took this course. But, most importantly, I have far more compassion for my Muslim neighbors than before. I now see them in a completely new and more loving light. Thank you RZIM!!!”

ACSI has approved the Understanding Islam Elective is approved for 3 CEUs (Bible; Educational).

Cost: $149. Scholarships are also available. Apply here.

To sign up for this course, log-in or create an account. For more information, contact

Lecturers: Nabeel Qureshi, Abdu Murray, Andy Bannister and more. This course, like the Core Module includes interactive discussions moderated by a trained RZIM Academy moderator, as well as practical assignments including an interview with someone who is Muslim.

Course Overview

Week 1

Lecture 1.1: The Muslim Mindset, part 1
Lecture 1.2: The Muslim Mindset, part 2

Week 2

Lecture 2.1: The Muslim view of God, part 1
Lecture 2.2: The Muslim view of God, Part 2

Week 3

Lecture 3.1: Discussing the Trinity
Lecture 3.2: Discussing the Trinity

Week 4

Lecture 4.1: Origins – The Bible and the Qur’an, part 1
Lecture 4.2: Origins – The Bible and the Qur’an, part 2

Week 5

Lecture 5.1: The History of the Qur’an, part 1
Lecture 5.2: The History of the Qur’an, part 2

Week 6

Lecture 6.1: Worldview in the Qur’an, part 1
Lecture 6.2: Worldview in the Qur’an, part 2
Lecture 6.3: Muhammad

Week 7

Lecture 7.1: Muslim Objections, part 1
Lecture 7.2: Muslim Objections, part 2
Lecture 7.3: Muslim Objections, part 3

Week 8

Lecture 8.1: The Islamist Agenda, part 1
Lecture 8.2: The Islamist Agenda, part 2

Week 9

Lecture 9.1: Your Muslim Neighbor, part 1
Lecture 9.2: Your Muslim Neighbor, part 2

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