What is the age of the earth (and other questions involving the first eleven chapters of Genesis)?

What is the age of the earth (and other questions involving the first eleven chapters of Genesis)?

RZIM does not have an official ministry position on the age of the earth. The focus of RZIM is apologetics and evangelism, and thus we do not address particular questions about creation, though we are committed to defending theism against naturalism. Primarily, we seek to address the philosophical assumptions underlying the atheistic scientific theory to reveal their incoherence and to demonstrate that a world such as ours requires an active and sovereign Creator.

Though there is some diversity of views within RZIM, we are all firmly committed to the integrity of the Bible as God's infallible Word and believe our world has been intelligently designed and created by God, who made humanity in his own image.

Here are some resources that offer varying perspectives for your own study. Our presenting them does not imply an official endorsement of any particular position; rather, these are simply the resources we reference for those who want to study the various Christian perspectives on these issues since these organizations are wholly dedicated to understanding issues of Creation and biblical interpretation:

Reasons to Believe, http://www.reasons.org/

Answers in Genesis, www.answersingenesis.org

The Discovery Institute, www.discovery.org

William Lane Craig, www.reasonablefaith.org

Seven Days That Divide the World by John Lennox

Three Views on Genesis edited by Charles Halton

Four Views on Creation, Evolution, and Intelligent Design edited by J.B. Stump

Four Views on the Historical Adam edited by Matthew Barrett and Ardel Caneday

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