Talbot Advanced Standing FAQ

How do I sign up to be eligible for advanced standing for the Core Module?

First, register for the Core Module here. Then, email info@rzimacademy.org to indicate you’d like to be eligible for advanced standing at Talbot.

Do I have to retake the Core Module to receive advanced standing if I have already completed it?

No, you do not have to take the course again. If you’ve already completed the Core Module, please email info@rzimacademy.org and she can verify your completion of the Core Module, and provide information about the next steps.

How many credit hours will be applied toward the degree?

Students will receive 2 elective units. This is in the form of advanced standing and these are non-transferable units and do not impact your GPA. For example, if the degree program requires 39 units, by receiving advanced standing, you will only need to complete 37.

Do I need to have a bachelor’s degree already to receive advanced standing?

Yes. The advanced standing applies to a graduate degree, to which students must apply and be granted acceptance by Talbot. Any accredited bachelor’s degree will meet this requirement for admission. If you are currently pursuing an undergraduate degree, you can complete the Core Module for advanced standing before graduating, but will need to complete your bachelor’s degree in order to be accepted into Talbot.

What is required and how do I apply to Talbot?

You can view the admissions requirements here and can begin an application for the spring or fall semester here.

When do the Core Module courses begin and how long are they?

The Core Module begins every month and is 12 weeks long.

Do students have to complete additional assignments beyond what is required for the Core Module?

No, there is no additional work required. RZIM will verify that you have completed the course, and send confirmation to Talbot, along with one of your assignments to be evaluated by Talbot faculty.

Can this be used for other degrees at Talbot?

At the moment, it is only available for the M.A. – Christian Apologetics and M.A. – Science & Religion.

Can I transfer this credit to another school or seminary?

Students are provided with 2 units of advanced standing at Talbot and cannot transfer this credit to another institution. Advanced standing only applies to the M.A. – Christian Apologetics and M.A. – Science & Religion program at Talbot.

Can the RZIM elective courses be used to earn advanced standing?

Not at the moment. Only the Core Module is eligible for advanced standing.

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