What are some resources on Hinduism?

Resources for studying and discussing the worldview of Hinduism include:

  • Jesus Among Other Gods by Ravi Zacharias. In this book Mr. Zacharias discusses the exclusive claims of Christ in the plurality of the world's religions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and atheism. While not written specifically for Hindus, they tend to have trouble grasping the exclusive claims of Christ in the plurality of the world's religions. Mr. Zacharias also shares quite a bit about growing up in India as well as his personal testimony.
  • New Birth or Rebirth?: Jesus Talks with Krishna by Ravi Zacharias. A character of this book is a Hindu of the twentieth century who has a fictitious conversation with two religious figures who have changed the lives of millions. As Jesus and Krishna respond to each other’s view of life and the afterlife, they quote words from the texts of Christianity and Hinduism and speak straight into the soul.
  • Why Jesus? by Ravi Zacharias.
  • The CD series A Meeting of the Minds by Ravi Zacharias: Disc 2 titled “The Spurious Glitter of Pantheism” specifically discusses Hinduism.
  • The book Death of a Guru by Rabindranath Maharaji. This book is autobiographical and relates the author’s pilgrimage from Hinduism to Christianity.
  • Sharing Your Faith with a Hindu by Madasamy Thirumalai.

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