#Trending Questions: London

Thoughtful answers to some of life's difficult questions.

The #TQ London series, is designed with London-based businessmen and women in mind and seeks to address some of the toughest questions about the Christian faith today: issues that cause heartfelt doubt among believers and skeptics alike.

Past Events:

Should we believe? | 28th May

God's existence

Andy Moore, former Private Equity advisor and RZIM speaker, was host for the event, exploring the latest thinking about God’s existence in an accessible way. The program included talks from philosopher Dr Max Baker-Hytch, Political Philosopher Dr Tanya Walker and lawyer-turned-apologist Simon Edwards.

The full video recording is available here


Upcoming Events:

15 October | Is God anti-gay and transphobic?

Sexuality and gender

Questions of sexuality and gender represent some of the most explosive challenges in our culture today. Where can we begin to understand the issues at the core of these debates, and have conversations with friends and family which are based on gentleness and respect? Join RZIM on the 15th October to explore this question further.

More information on the speakers and programme coming soon

For more information please contact londonevents@rzim.org

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