#Trending Questions: London

Thoughtful answers to some of life's difficult questions.

#TrendingQuestions is crossing the Atlantic to reach the heart of London. Fresh from the online success of the series in the US, #TQ is heading to the UK’s capital in person. Speakers from RZIM’s global team will come together to train Christians to address the challenging questions of contemporary culture and provide space for those looking to engage with ideas underpinning the Christian faith.

If you have ever felt unready to answer the questions of atheists or need help navigating the Christian response to a world in flux, then the #TQ series in the UK could be for you.


Holy Sepulchre London
Holborn Viaduct


6 – 9 p.m.


£10 pp per event

Food & drinks provided

Upcoming Events:

Trending Questions London - March date postponed.

As complexity around COVID-19 evolves daily, we wanted to inform you of our decision not to proceed with the first in our series of #TrendingQuestions London events, which was planned for this Thurs, Mar 19.

As things stand, events #2 & #3 will go ahead and we will update you as and when we know more. For more information, please contact londonevents@rzim.org

19 March | Should we believe?

God's existence

Join RZIM on 19th March for the first of its #TrendingQuestions series in London to explore the latest reasons for belief in the existence of God. After food and drinks served from 6 p.m., we’ll hear from Andy Moore, Simon Edwards, Dr. Tanya Walker, and Dr. Max Baker-Hytch on some of the best ways to approach this all-important issue at the heart of the Christian faith. Whether you are a believer or a sceptic, the programme of interactive talks, and Q&A is designed specifically to engage our doubts and to equip you practically in responding to this question more effectively. See you there!


25 June | Is Christianity a source of good or evil in the world?

Christianity’s influence

One of the most important objections to the Christian faith in culture today is that it contains a morality which is unfit for the 21st century. Is Christianity oppressive and out-of-date, perhaps even racist or supremacist? What can believers say in acknowledgement of past failings of the church and where can sceptics discern the hope and love of Jesus amidst the cultural clamour? Join RZIM on the 25th June to explore this question further.

More information on the speakers and programme coming soon

15 October | Is God anti-gay and transphobic?

Sexuality and gender

Questions of sexuality and gender represent some of the most explosive challenges in our culture today. Where can we begin to understand the issues at the core of these debates, and have conversations with friends and family which are based on gentleness and respect? Join RZIM on the 15th October to explore this question further.

More information on the speakers and programme coming soon

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