Ou Est Ce Livre?

Since many of you call or write RZIM to request information regarding recommended reading or where to find an out-of-print book, I thought I would mention some resources you may find helpful. To do this, I suggest we first take a field trip through the city of Atlanta, or at least the town nearest you. Perhaps the best place to begin is the local Christian bookstore which offers a selection of the newest books available and some classics too. I usually wander down the aisles on theology, biblical studies and apologetics and then head over to the section on church history and biography. For a more extensive look, ask if you may glance through recent catalogues of some of the major Christian publishers: Baker, Eerdmans, Thomas Nelson/Word, InterVarsity, Moody, and Zondervan to name a few.

Next, drive over to a general bookstore and check out their section on religion. Some of the larger chains offer an excellent selection of Christian books, particularly of the more academic nature, as well as the latest fare from the Jesus Seminar, et. al. Most importantly, at one bookstore I can even down a double decaf cappuccino from my favorite adjoining coffee house (subtle hint: named after a character in Moby Dick), while I flip through The Evangelical Dictionary of Theology (a good resource to own, by the way).

Before driving home, let's go see what's available at the local library. Periodically I scan the shelves of books categorized under 100 - 399 (in the Dewey system): philosophy, epistemology, metaphysics (100s); religion, apologetics (200s) and sociology, education, communications (300s). Some of the periodicals I try to keep abreast of are Chronicle of Higher Education, Atlantic Monthly, Psychology Today and Horticulture (really, but don't tell Ravi). I need to get back to the office, but don't forget the library and bookstore at a nearby college, university, or perhaps seminary; they are wonderful places to spend a few hours--unless, of course, you happen to be a student.

At the office we subscribe to The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, the Sunday New York Times (includes its weekly Book Review) and a few Christian magazines. Additionally, two invaluable subscriptions mentioned in past issues of Just Thinking are Mars Hill Audio Series (interviews from a Christian perspective by a former National Public Radio commentator and journalist; call 800-331-6407) and First Things: A Monthly Journal of Religion and Public Life ( a scholarly publication but quite readable; call 800-783-4903).

If I am looking for an older book I wish to purchase, I call the library and ask them to look in Books in Print to see whether it is still available. If not, a few resources I contact are D.A. Schroeder (314-302-0380), Noah's Ark Book Attic (803- 229-1022) and Baker Used Books (616- 957-3110).

Lastly, in response to the oft-asked question, "What are you reading currently?" my frank reply is: Park Seed catalogues, Runners World and the fiction of Jon Hassler (mostly interrupted in December and January by college bowl games and NFL playoffs). Happy reading!

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