A Children’s Story That Speaks to Us All

Naomi Zacharias shares how her first children’s book came about while rocking her son to sleep, and how its message speaks to every age.

I recently commented that I think any good children’s book speaks to the grown up, too. Someone directed me to CS Lewis’s more articulate persuasion, “A children’s story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children’s story in the slightest.”

It is with gratitude that I welcome the release of my first children’s book, Little Prince Little Prince What Will You Be? It began as I was rocking one of my sons, Nico, to sleep when he was still tiny in my arms. I began to make up a song in my head as I looked at that little face and playfully dream of some things he might do. Would he be an artist? I’d decorate my home with his works. Would he be a waiter? I’d eat out every night. There is a simplicity to it, pure in its expression as a mother whimsically looks ahead to what might be. It is not apologetics for toddlers… although a man I deeply admire once said that “love is the most powerful apologetic.”

Naomi's New Book for Children

Little Prince, Little Prince: What Will You Be?

What will your boy become when he grows up? This whimsically illustrated story will help your little man think about the possibilities open to him and use his talents to the honor and glory of God.

The message of the book speaks of one love that ultimately points the reader to the source of ultimate love, his Creator. It is He who knows how He will use the creativity of this one. In her musings, his mother wonders if he will be a waiter providing food, a doctor tending aches, or an artist creating paintings. In a simple symbolic shift, he is then assured that Jesus will be his strength; he will mend the breaks; and this child is his masterpiece.

The braided messages are dreams of what he might build, the affirmation that Jesus knows, and mom and son can trust him with the story, and his mother embraces the privilege of reflecting the unconditional love of her Creator, too.

It is my hope that it is a children’s story that can simply speak to all.

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