Grammy-Nominated Hip Hop Artist Da'Truth Releases New Album 'It's Complicated' Featuring Ravi Zacharias

It's Complicated album

Grammy-nominated hip hop artist Da' T.R.U.T.H. has just released his highly anticipated new album, It's Complicated, which features real-life discussions with Christian apologist and author Ravi Zacharias about key questions surrounding faith, belief, and absolute truth. The album is available nationwide starting today on iTunes, Google Play, and Streaming.

Back in March, the music veteran (Emanuel Lee Lambert, Jr.) gave fans a preview of the album by releasing his "Religion" single and debuting the official music video on his website. The song includes a conversation between the multi-faceted artist and Zacharias about the complexities of religion, the theme of the It's Complicated album.

“I commend Da' Truth for tackling tough questions and communicating fundamental ideas through hip hop," said Zacharias. “I am delighted to participate in this album, and I pray it will point many people to the unique and life-transforming message of Jesus Christ.”


"Through this album I wanted to share real thoughts and concerns that I have struggled with throughout my life," explained Da’ Truth. “Is there one true religion? Is it arrogant to be exclusive? Can we be certain that Christianity is the only religion that God acknowledges as true? Many people, Christians included, struggle with these questions, and I want them to know they aren't alone."

"The popular aphorism that ‘All religions are fundamentally the same and only superficially different' simply is not true, yet this idea continues to be advanced in society," Zacharias remarked to Da'Truth. "In reality, all religions are, at best, superficially similar but fundamentally different."

Being brought up in a Christian household, Da’ Truth went through a period in which he began to question God and even the idea of religion itself. While he arrived at the conclusion that there is only one true God, he realizes that others face similar questions and doubts but are often hesitant to explore them in depth.

"Through my entire album, I want to provide a soundtrack that articulates some of the internal twist and turns people experience concerning exclusivity in religion," Da'Truth continued. "Ultimately, I hope to start an honest discussion so together we can resolve the one belief system that has to be true."

Check out the new album today on iTunes, Google Play, and Streaming.

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