In New Book, Ravi Zacharias and Vince Vitale Defend Claims of Christ Against Modern Belief in "Secular Gods"

JASG_January 3 2016

The rise of secular gods presents the most serious challenge to the absolute claims of Christ since the founding of Christianity itself. The Christian worldview has not only been devalued and dismissed by modern culture, but its believers are openly ridiculed as irrelevant. In JESUS AMONG SECULAR GODS (January 3, 2017, FaithWords / Hachette Book Group), Ravi Zacharias and Vince Vitale skillfully point out the fallacies in their claims and present compelling evidence for revealed truth as found in Jesus.

Each chapter shows the difference between Jesus and secular “isms” in the why of life. The authors’ first comparison is a deeper exploration of atheism—the general “ism” underlying all other secular worldviews. Then they continue by confronting the other secular gods that guide our neighbors and the nation. These include:

  • Scientism
  • Pluralism
  • Humanism
  • Relativism
  • Hedonism

In a secular age where God is increasingly deemed irrelevant to truth, we fear the truth and we abuse the truth because truth and love are disconnected. Truth has become something it was never meant to be—impersonal, offensive, a burden. But because of Jesus, we never need to doubt whether truth is on our side; we never need to doubt whether the truth loves us.

This book is fresh, insightful, and important—facing head on today’s most urgent tests to Christian faith. It will help seekers to explore the claims of Christ and will provide Christians with the knowledge to articulate why they believe that Jesus stands above all other gods.

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“Ravi Zacharias and Vince Vitale take a big topic—“The Secular"—and break it into digestable parts. They provide analysis and critique of the various "isms" of our culture in ways that are respectful, readable, and compelling. Though it is based on great learning and extensive research, every chapter is nonetheless highly accessible. It will serve many audiences very well.” --Tim Keller, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, NYC

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