May The Joy of Easter Be Yours

Years ago, I read these words in a book titled The Integrity of Worship by Paul Waitman Hoon. He said this: “Jesus Christ continually contradicts us in the way we experience ourselves as alive and compels us to radically redefine what we mean by life. He encounters us the way He encountered the disciples on Easter Sunday. They were the ones marked out for death. Those who had survived Him were really the dead. He, the dead one, was really the living.”

He is risen indeed. Because of that reality we redefine everything. May the joy of Easter be yours in a beautiful and fresh way this year.

The literary critic and atheist A. N. Wilson, in his journey into atheism some years ago, roundly mocked C.S. Lewis’s apologetic. Yet, he himself, almost in a Lewis-like conversion, made a dramatic turn to Christ on an Easter Sunday as he found himself in church. The message of the resurrection struck deep into his own soul. He said afterwards that he had seen through the sham of his atheism and its intellectually pretentious posture. He got weary of its emptiness and made his return to Jesus. I pray that will happen to many this Easter. “Happy Easter” seems so understated. But it’s only because of Easter we have the promise of true happiness.

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