RZIM and Wellspring Join the End It Movement in Shining a Light on Slavery

Today, February 23, freedom fighters all over the world are participating in the End It Movement and shining a light on slavery. Social media is saturated with the red “X,” symbolizing the movement to cross out modern-day slavery and bring freedom to an estimated 27 million people enslaved around our world.

At RZIM and Wellspring International, we want to join the millions of voices calling for the restoration of human dignity and freedom for each victim, who – just like each of us – is made in the image of our Maker. And we stand with all those who are investing their time and energy in this vital cause.

“I applaud the End It Movement for drawing attention to the injustice of modern-day slavery,” said Ravi Zacharias, Founder and President of RZIM. “Those engaged in these crucial efforts are shining light in this very dark world, motivated by love for God and for all who are made in His image.”

“Love is the most powerful apologetic,” Zacharias continued. “It is the essential component in reaching the whole person in a fragmented world.”


Our team at Wellspring International has seen firsthand the tragic toll of modern-day slavery on men, women, and children across the globe. However, our team has also seen the transforming impact of those dedicated to the rescue and restoration of the most vulnerable. In fact, of the 16 projects Wellspring International supports, six specifically come to the physical, spiritual, and emotional aid of victims trapped in or at high risk of sexual slavery.

“Human trafficking is not a hopeless situation, and frankly is one that necessitates we continue to combat it whether the statistical data indicates the number of victims is on the rise or on the decline,” explained Naomi Zacharias, Director of Wellspring International, who has worked closely with women in the red light districts of Mumbai, Bangkok, and Amsterdam. “Yet treating the symptom will not eliminate the heart of the crime. That is an issue that goes beyond policies and programs and straight to the heart of each one us as human beings.”

A single day in a brothel and red light district can open your eyes to the frightening reality these women encounter. When you look into the eyes of a trafficking victim who has been robbed of her sense of self and self-respect, she will often tell you that you cannot help her because this is what she is now. And for me, as much as I long to offer her my grief, my outrage, my efforts for her restoration, they cannot give her what she really wants – a redemption, a justice, an identity beyond her experience. The greatest answer we have to give her is in God who can call her by name and reveal to her an identity far beyond what this life has given her. Our worldview tells us that we love because Christ loves us – it is what we have to offer to what is broken around us – the longing for an assurance there was a violation to justice, the answer for a healing redemption. We love and we fight for the ultimate of human rights – that each one is made in His image and carries an intrinsic value that no man or woman has the right to violate. -- Naomi Zacharias, Director of Wellspring International

At RZIM, we invite you to join us in helping women and children who are victims or at risk of becoming victims. Wellspring supports projects like Bombay Teen Challenge Women’s Healthcare Program, which opened a medical clinic serving victims of the commercial sex trade and sees around 300 patients a month. Then there’s Herzwerk, which builds relationships with women in the red light district and provides shelter, support, and physical healing. Word Made Flesh in Bolivia places emphasis on empowering women to know and claim their full identity and to seek life in abundance that only the Lord provides.

100% of donations dedicated to the project you choose to help will go to that project. Any amount helps, from $5 to $50k. Will you join us in being in it to END IT?

We pray that the #EndItMovement will continue to raise awareness that leads to action, promote justice where there is injustice, and bring about lasting freedom for millions around our world. It is also our hope that you will join us in this movement and raise your own voice for the cause of freedom.

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