RZIM Challenges Students to Deeper Pursuit of Truth at Together 2018

Ravi Zacharias and Alycia Wood talk truth and relevance, answer objections to Christianity.

Thousands of young people converged at Texas Motor Speedway for Together 2018.

Ravi Zacharias, Alycia Wood, and other members of the RZIM team participated in Together 2018 and related events October 19-21 in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. Thousands of students from around the world converged at the Texas Motor Speedway for the main event, hosted by Pulse, with the goal of gathering "to be trained, equipped, and commissioned to move closer to Jesus and the world around them."

What a joy it was to speak at Together 2018. It was really encouraging to see how engaged the audience was during the message, particularly the young who had come from far and wide. Young people today want to think and they want to know with certainty why it is that the gospel is true and why it is relevant. That's what I tried to focus on in my message, ultimately pointing them to the cross of Jesus Christ which is truly the intersection of history and the crossroads of life itself.

RZIM's Alycia Wood also participated in the gathering, speaking on the Influencers stage on the topic, Answering Objections to Christianity." Wood briefly presented the case for the Christian worldview then took questions from the audience. Q&A covered a wide range of topics including racial reconciliation, church history, the quest for justice, the character of God, the uniqueness of human beings, and eternal destiny.

What makes us unique is our Creator; we were created to reflect the image of our Creator.

During the weekend, Zacharias also addressed the Table Coalition, a gathering of influential ministry leaders who comprise the United States’ Committee for the global Lausanne Movement. He presented an overview of the current cultural landscape and shared practical insights for reaching young people today with a message of hope.

Thank you for standing with us as we enter different arenas to share the beauty and hope of the gospel and engage in dialogue with believers, seekers, and skeptics. Please join us in praying for lasting impact in the lives of those who attended this gathering, that they would truly move closer to Jesus and embrace His plan for their lives.

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