Together 2016: Update from Washington, D.C.

Looking at the pictures from Together 2016, people ask what it is like to have an audience so vast and limited time to give a message. First of all, I just want to say a big “Thank you” to Nick Hall and his team. Right from the start, they were focused on getting the message of Jesus to this generation. The cost in time, energy, stress, and finances had to be huge for them. They worked as one. There was a selflessness that was so appealing. I commend Pulse for this monumental effort. May the Lord honor you even as you have honored Him. Thank you for allowing us to share in this incredible event.

The memorable honor is to be there with some of the most effective Evangelical voices in message and song. It is so easy to be running this race and not see who else is running beside you. To hear some of the finest exponents of the gospel in our time is a blessing beyond words. It makes me realize what Heaven will be like: the laughter, the stories, the memories, the challenges, the embraces, but the oneness because of our hearts transformed by the grace of our Lord. It was a memory that is etched in our souls. The danger in ministry is to be self-absorbed. How thrilling to see a mutual affirmation for the ultimate purpose, the veterans and the young side by side for the beauty and power of our Lord and His work. This is the time that He has placed us on earth. More than ever, let the earth hear His voice. That was the calling cry for the Lausanne movement nearly half a century ago. The earth still needs to hear His voice. Together 2016 made that valiant effort.


Lastly, I always see a large crowd as a multiplied opportunity for individual conquest. One life can change history. To see a crowd like that made me pray that the Lord will raise up such a one—indeed, many. The gospel is the greatest treasure. God has chosen to put that treasure in jars of clay. By his power these earthen jars find a bridge between time and eternity. We are all on that bridge. Let His voice be heard, and for those who He raises up to bring about those settings, I say a heartfelt “Thank you.” Thank you also to the thousands that have written in to encourage us. You will never know how meaningful your words are. Those words are like the iron in the blood that keeps us going. God bless you, dear friends.


I am now on a five country trip and need your prayers. Your words and your prayers are with me. His grace brings those words to mind. We will run to finish well. I spoke to a receptionist here in an Asian country yesterday. Her name was Amen. I said to her, “Nothing more needs to be said.” She giggled and covered her mouth in her shy smile. May we all one day receive His Amen to the thoughts and intents of our hearts. I smile at that hope.

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