Update from a War-Torn Region and Request for Prayer

Dear Friends,

I can't say much ‘til we are out of here but I just wanted to share that we are in a very troubled part of the world where ISIS has killed, scorched, tortured, mocked, and plundered. Once Christian cities have borne the brunt of their hate. It is a landscape of ruins. Seeing a child with a leg blown off and near death and a young fourteen-year-old sedated from having an IED blow up in his hands are just some of the haunting memories with which we will live. One seven-month-old baby weighing seven pounds and dangerously malnourished just stared at us with vacant eyes.

To walk into a 200-year-old church and see what they did as they set a blazing fire in the sanctuary—every room told the horror of their hate-filled rampage. Even the blades of the fans had melted. There is something so demonic about it all. It's hard to believe there are human beings like this who walk the earth. Please pray for us. I speak in this region over the next few days. Our team is traveling in desert terrain, under torrid temperatures of about 115 to as high as 120 degrees. We need your prayers and God's protection as we serve in His will. But more importantly, pray for the people who live under the scourge of such Islamists for whom nothing is too vulgar. The masses of people that are the victims of such perversion have lost everything—the numbers are staggering. Shattered homes, desolation everywhere! Our hearts are moved beyond description.

Thank you for your friendship and your support. I will say more early part of next week.


"Even the blades of the fans had melted." A melted ceiling fan in a two hundred-year-old church caused by a blazing fire in the sanctuary (and in every room) during a hate-filled rampage.

Damage caused by hate-filled rampage.

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