What Is the Key to True Contentment?

Should a desire to flourish be our ultimate purpose in life? Max Jeganathan explains why love is the key to finding true contentment in life.

Photo by Zachary Nelson on Unsplash. This article was originally published by Salt&Light on November 14, 2018, and is based on an RZIM marketplace talk that was delivered on November 9, 2018, in TPI Building, Tanjong Pagar, Singapore. In a post-event interview with Salt&Light, Jeganathan explains why love is the key to finding true contentment in life.

Why Is Having a Loving Relationship with God the Answer To Finding Fulfillment?

Jeganathan: I think it’s just the way God has built us, in that we are wired for relationships, and we are built such that love is the supreme ethic. You don’t have to do much convincing outside the kingdom of God to get non-Christians to agree that love is a good thing. So the question becomes: Where is love most perfectly manifested? Love is by far the most perfectly manifested in the person of Jesus Christ and what He did on the Cross. Because at the heart of true love is sacrifice.

Should a Desire To Flourish Be Our Ultimate Purpose in Life?

Jeganathan: I believe that our ultimate purpose is to be in a loving relationship with God, and to be in a loving relationship with each other. Those are the two reasons for which we were created, and where significance and meaning and belonging come from. If we are doing it with the one true God, a whole lot of byproducts happen that get thrown in. They include: Fulfillment, peace, security, joy, satisfaction and contentment.

How Do We Explain Fulfillment To Our Non-Christian Colleagues Without Seeming Out of Touch?

Jeganathan: I think the most important thing is to start from where they are, to build authentic relationships. Don’t think of your friends and colleagues as evangelistic projects. The best and most powerful way to share Jesus is through friendship, through relationships that happen over many decades, not just many months.

And live your faith out. Be proud of who you are in Jesus Christ. Share what he’s done in your life. And only then be prepared and willing to come alongside to help them with questions they might have.

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