A Saturday in September

Sarah Zacharias Davis describes five separate events across the globe from Nigeria to Tokyo, all with one powerful impact.

Photo by Olivia Grant.
This article appears in our Winter 2018 Newsmagazine. Click here to view it.

On one Saturday in September, Ravi and four team members from our Asia Pacific team were in Tokyo for RZIM’s first evangelistic outreach in Japan in partnership with local churches. An estimated 670 came to a venue that seated 500. The event was livestreamed on Facebook to an audience that included a church in Pakistan and a Japanese church in Singapore.

That same day in Australia, Sam Allberry spoke at a sold-out event that was also livestreamed. In London, 1500 teenagers packed the historic Westminster Hall for REBOOT, a day of talks and Q&A, and with “no question off limits,” 150 teens responded to the invitation at the end. The event was livestreamed to over 16,000 viewers. Three thousand miles away almost 500 people gathered to watch the livestream from London in a Boko Haram occupied territory of Nigeria.

Fifty-five students made commitments to Christ. That same Saturday, Vlad Criznic spoke to students in Romania; another team member did apologetics training for Christians in Malaysia, and yet another spoke to university students in Spain.

What a day!

How thrilling to think of all the hearts and minds reached for God across the world in one single day. I never cease to be amazed that God has called this global team, a team now spanning 15 country bases, 66 full-time speakers worldwide, and a total of 246 staff members.

This year we added an office in France to not only reach the country of France but also French-speaking Canada and Africa. The RZIM Academy, our online curriculum, has alumni now from 127 countries. Just this year, 4,000 people have completed the core module, now offered in English, Spanish, French, and German, with Turkish and Italian to be available in 2019. In addition, in 2019 the Academy will be launching a youth course as well as an elective entitled “What Does It Mean To Be Human?” We are growing our digital opportunities so that we might steward our ministry efforts and our team to reach more people.

That Saturday in September, the livestreams multiplied our reach to more than seven times the number of people in the venues just that very day, not to mention those who watch the archived event on YouTube later. Worldwide, we’re developing digital resources, short videos, online books and articles, podcasts, curriculum, and livestreams in the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and North America.

In the coming months our speaking team will be deployed across more than 27 university missions worldwide from Canada to Spain, Nigeria, South Africa, Romania, the UK and US, and at least 15 youth events across the globe. This is a critical focus for us as we listen to the hunger of our youth for answers to their questions and enter through the doors God has opened for us in this time and in this space.

After REBOOT London that Saturday, one of our speakers received this note of thanks from a father. He wrote, “My son was deeply moved by your words. His older brother took his life in February and he really wanted to hear what you had to say about suffering. [He] said that all the talks in the day were really good, but your seminar was the most impactful for him. It really helped him see that God could be completely good whilst terrible things are still happening. Thank you, and thank God who used you today to give kids confidence in their faith.”

Thank you for your friendship with us. Without your prayers and your partnership, we simply wouldn’t be able to do what we do. We thank God for you. On behalf of Ravi and our entire team, we offer deepest thanks to you. No matter where we go, we find a world deeply hurting and broken, so what a privilege we have to join together and make known God’s transformative and saving love.

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