An Update from Michael Ramsden: Thank You for Your Continued Prayers

Dear Friends,

We just want to bring you a brief update about Ravi-ji and his current health. He continues to remain at home where he is surrounded by his close family; his children, grandchildren, and of course, his wife, Margie–all of whom have expressed such gratitude and thanks to you for all the messages that you’ve sent, and for all the encouragement that you’ve sought to impart. Very often at times in the night or during the day, they actually read those messages out to him and he receives them with joy. Even though he’s now struggling to speak, he may either just simply smile or nod in acknowledgement and gratitude that you’re staying in touch with him during a time such as this, and that you’re also continuing to pray for him, for the family, and for RZIM.

When the apostle Paul wrote to the Philippians, he talked about the joy that he had because of the partnership in the Gospel that had begun. He went on of course to say that the source of that joy wasn’t them, but rather in the One who he knew would bring everything to completion. I know Ravi feels something of that joy right now even as he continues to wrestle with the pain that he is in. We continue to look to the Lord and ask Him and pray that, of course, the time that we have with him may be extended as long as possible. At the same time, we’re fully assured of the fact that we can trust in Christ, knowing that he has appointed not only the days but the minutes, the hours, and seconds of our lives.

Please do continue in prayer. Pray also for those who are close to Ravi. As you can imagine, we have so many mixed emotions at this time, but there is an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the way in which you continue to stand with us, continue to support us, continue to pray for us, and continue to encourage us. Thank you so much.

Michael Ramsden
RZIM President

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