At the Close of a Three-Week Trip

"The closing gatherings in Manila were landmark events," Ravi Zacharias writes, sharing a reflection on his visit to the Philippines at the end of a three-week trip.


I am writing as I end a three-week trip, my first for 2019 after my four-month sabbatical. From Washington to Hawai’i to Hong Kong to Russia to the Philippines. God blessed in His own beautiful way. The closing gatherings in Manila were landmark events. The United Evangelical Church in the Philippines celebrated ninety years and the Asian Theological Seminary is on their fiftieth year.

Both events were filled to capacity, ending with a delightful Q&A session. The young are as eager as one would want to see. Next year our leading team members will be in the country for forums in Manila. I am sure it will be a delight. The Filipinos are the most hospitable people you will find anywhere. I have been going there for over forty years. The friendships are deep and lasting. The Philippines may be one of the best places from which to launch out even further to the rest of Asia-Pacific.

I end this trip so grateful to God for the doors He opens and the blessing He pours out. To see the stack of questions coming in and the eager faces as I answer is a mind-stirring experience. My hosts and friends planned this whole trip so well.

Thank you for your prayers and support. We need you to continue doing what we do with impact on every continent.

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