#GivingTuesday is December 1

All gifts for #GivingTuesday will be doubled by a generous matching grant, and support both our digital efforts and in-person reach.

2020 ushered in a global pandemic, death of loved ones, hurting economies, job losses, depression and loneliness, suffering of all kinds. Even the strongest of us has stopped to ask, “Where is God?” “Is there a God?” “How much more can I take?” While social media and news sites tell one consistent story of despair, we are seeing a different story of hope unfold:

We see hope on university campuses when we meet students’ questions about the value of life in a world so uncertain.

We see hope when thousands of young people tune in to an online RZIM lecture on what Jesus offers a broken world.

We see hope when our speakers hold Q and A’s held over Zoom with no question off limits, show up for closed-door forums with government leaders and culture-makers, and train the Church in how to meet their congregations’ questions with answers full of understanding, gentleness, and respect.

In a time of great uncertainty, the message of Jesus is never more certain. In a time of darkness, the light of the gospel shines through to bring truth, peace, and answers to each of our deepest questions. The world needs the gospel message more than ever and our calling remains unchanged: to proclaim Christ, through evangelism undergirded by apologetics. Our team has risen to the task to carry out this message of hope. Your support this Giving Tuesday helps us reach the world with this message.

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