"I know I'm Saved, But..."

Vince Vitale reflects on stories that have come out of multiple events held at the Zacharias Institute.

This article appears in our Winter 2018 Newsmagazine. To view the full magazine, click here.

“I know I'm saved but, but there is a lot in my life that I know I have never given over to God.” These were the words of a high school senior just before he asked to be prayed for at the Zacharias Institute’s college preparation program, ReFresh: Ready for College? Understanding Jesus as one’s savior in some very thin sense will not sustain a Christian teenager through the onslaught against faith experienced by many on college campuses. But relying on Jesus as the Lord of one’s life will not only sustain faith through the college years but also transform faith into the wondrous adventure of being used by God to reach others with the gospel. Student after student experienced this transformation at ReFresh, and we are eager to hear of the impact they are going to have as they are sent out to their colleges with a passion to reach the lost.

I know I’m saved, but…

These same words continue to surface as we grow and mature in our faith—only, in a slightly different way. They often transform from a confession to a doubt. We begin to think to ourselves, “I know I’m saved, but can God really use me to reach others?” This past year, it has been our privilege to engage with Christians on both meanings of this simple yet profound phrase. The Zacharias Institute affords the incredible opportunity to interact with Christians from all backgrounds and at various stages in their walks with Christ.

In addition to ministering to students at ReFresh, we have also had the privilege of training men and women on how to winsomely and effectively share the gospel in their daily lives. We have hosted the senior leaders of campus ministries at the National Campus Ministry Leaders’ Summit, members of the arts community during “The Greatest Story Ever Told,” presidents and CEOs of major corporations at the RZIM Business Leaders’ Conference, and rising evangelists who were mentored by the RZIM team at our weeklong Emerging Apologists Program.

Alongside this, RZIM Connect has become the new online home for the global RZIM family and has quickly become a robust resource. Already with 13,000 posts discussing life’s deepest questions, RZIM Connect appears better than Google for your faith questions and for the faith questions of your friends. Rather than receiving an impersonal, popular response, those who ask questions in RZIM Connect quickly receive multiple responses that are personal and credible (check it out at connect.rzim.org)!

Most recently we have launched a new series called #TrendingQuestions, which is designed to position RZIM as first-responders to the most urgent and rapidly changing challenges of our culture. Professor John Lennox kicked off the series by speaking on “Should We Fear Artificial Intelligence?” That event has been viewed online over 100,000 times by people from all over the globe. At one point during the event, the livestream was the 27th most watched YouTube livestream in the world, ranking even higher than a prominent political rally being streamed by NBC.

The lineup of upcoming #Trending Questions includes:

How can I know my gender?

Is Christianity a white man’s religion?

What does the Bible have to say to the

#MeToo generation?

Is suicide an option?

Am I just my brain?

I invite you to tune in and share these livestreams and help us to make the reach of the Zacharias Institute as wide and as deep as possible, to the glory of God.

The tagline of the Zacharias Institute is “The questions of culture, the invitation of Christ.” The toughest questions surrounding Christian faith are more present than ever; they are at the fingertips of anyone with a cellphone. Is it the case that the answers are also more readily available than ever?

Our prayer for the Zacharias Institute is that God would continue to use this space and the RZIM team to respond to the deepest questions of the human heart and to invite people into relationship with himself as Savior, Lord, friend—one’s all in all. If you would partner with us and join us in that prayer, we would be so grateful.

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