Please Pray for Our Team This Week as We Reach Thousands of Students Online

This week, our annual event for students, ReFresh: Ready for College, will be reaching more young people than ever before with the credibility and identity-forming confidence of the gospel.

ReFresh: Ready for College begins today, Tuesday, July 21, in Atlanta and in Singapore, and the RZIM team is more expectant than ever to see what God is going to do. By God’s grace, moving to a fully digital ReFresh for this year has resulted in an explosion of registrations numbering into the thousands across the world. With our team's collaboration across continents, we're able to deliver premium content from the core of our mission and vision–live, interactive, and simultaneously across time-zones. ReFresh will be reaching more young people than ever before with the credibility and identity-forming confidence of the gospel.

What could be a more ideal way to honor Ravi? I remember speaking with Ravi over lunch several years ago about the proposed Zacharias Institute programs. This was when the Zacharias Institute was still just a dream. ReFresh connected with Ravi’s heart and imagination more than any other. Perhaps that was because when Ravi spoke to youth he could always see his teenage self—searching for meaning and not knowing where to turn. Ravi’s passion for the next generation was on full display the last time he spoke at ReFresh. After giving the final talk one evening, young people gathered around him en masse and then formed into a line which wrapped around the room, longing to ask Ravi their most pressing questions. Ravi stayed until every single student’s question had been answered. Now late into the night, he was the last person to leave the auditorium.

Two major back surgeries would have been more than sufficient for an excuse to leave early. We all stood in awe watching his care for each one. I knew that earlier in the day he had personally led one of the teenagers to Christ. I knew that he had then facilitated a beautiful reconciliation between that young man and his estranged brother. I knew that, even as he spoke to students late into the night, he had a flight departing at around 5 a.m. the next morning. Ravi mentioned none of this; one hundred percent of his focus was on discerning the deep heart needs of the questioner behind each question.

I can’t thank you enough for the way your prayers and your support are helping us to carry on the legacy of Ravi Zacharias by reaching young people with the gospel of Jesus Christ at the very age at which Ravi himself was reached. This work which Ravi began is desperately needed in our fractured culture, now more than ever before. Please continue to stand with us. Together we are making an eternal difference. Please join us in praying that among those attending ReFresh this week will be future leaders across many realms of influence who will commit their lives to honoring Christ and making him known.

We are sharing four ReFresh livestreams Tuesday-Friday, July 21-24, at 7:00 p.m. ET each day. Join us on our Facebook page or YouTube channel to watch.

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