Praying for Syria

At RZIM we remain deeply saddened by the unfolding crisis in Syria, and this week's news of the horrific chemical attack and aftermath serve as a grim reminder that we live in precarious times where evil knows no bounds and decisions are often made with no good options.

In times such as these, we start by praying that the families affected will find comfort from God in the unimaginable pain and despair of these difficult circumstances. We must also pray for wisdom, integrity, and fortitude not only for our national leaders, but for all world leaders. Furthermore, it is incumbent on Christians to respond thoughtfully and act compassionately in light of the prolonged suffering in Syria, especially in the wake of recent events.

Despite all that seems daunting, we must remain hopeful. As we approach Passion Week and prepare to contemplate Jesus Christ's death on the cross, we are reminded that there is no depth of agony and helplessness one can experience in this life that God has not already endured. In Christ we have a God who is loving enough to suffer with us and also one who offers hope beyond our present suffering. May we cling to this truth as we put our faith into practice and prayerfully seek ways to help those in desperate need.

Please join us in praying that God will comfort and strengthen the victims' families and all impacted by the tragic developments, grant an extra measure of wisdom and insight to global leaders and authorities, and bring peace and stability to the Middle East and to our troubled world as only He is able.

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