Ravi Zacharias Participates in 67th Annual National Day of Prayer Observance in Washington, D.C.

Ravi Zacharias and his wife, Margie, participated in the 67th Annual National Day of Prayer observance in Washington, D.C., as well as the 30th Anniversary celebration of President Ronald Reagan signing it into order. Zacharias was honored alongside past NDOP Honorary Chairpersons and addressed a gathering of influential pastors and leaders at the Museum of the Bible on Wednesday evening, May 2, in preparation for the official National Day of Prayer Observance on Thursday, May 3.

“What an incredible privilege it is to have Ravi Zacharias with us for this 30th anniversary as he was chosen twice to be the Honorary Chairman and serve in this capacity,” said Ronnie Floyd, current Chairman of the National Day of Prayer. “Ravi has represented us in some of the highest places anywhere around the world forwarding the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Zacharias was joined by former Honorary Chairpersons and NDOP leaders Bruce Wilkinson, Greg Laurie, Anne Graham Lotz, Steve Gaines, and James and Shirley Dobson. “This is a wonderful reunion of some of America’s great leaders who believe in the importance of mobilizing unified public prayer for America,” said Floyd.

Zacharias was asked to reflect on his experience serving as Honorary Chairman of the National Day of Prayer in 2002 and 2008. “It was life transforming for me to lead the nation in prayer at the White House when President George W. Bush was there, and also to speak at the Pentagon and the Cannon House,” he said. “It was a tremendous honor for me, as one born in a little street in South India in Chennai where if three people were standing fingertip to fingertip that would be the breadth of the street. And now to be standing in White House and praying and speaking at the Pentagon and to get to know these wonderful people – only God can do such miracles, and He continues to do them today.”

“Those are moments that I never ever dreamed would be part of God’s program for me,” Zacharias continued. “Prayer is what takes place when God is making you His dream. I think to me God was unfolding His dream in my life as He was unfolding it for a whole nation.”

Zacharias urged the 300 pastors and leaders in attendance to recover confidence in the power of the gospel as the only message that can transform lives – and transform this nation. “As dark as it is out there, there is more hunger that I have seen than when I started in ministry over 40 years ago,” he contended. “We go to the university campuses and we see thousands of students turning out at our open forums on the search for truth and the search for God. My burden is that we believe how powerful the gospel really is to change hearts. We witness the power of the gospel, even in these hostile arenas; people know emptiness is real, they know they have no answers; when they find that convicting truth of the gospel, they are bound to change; they want to see something different, and in Christ alone that is possible.”

The National Day of Prayer is an annual observance of prayer for America, dating back to a call in a joint resolution of Congress signed into law by President Harry S. Truman in 1952. Since 1988, the National Day of Prayer has been observed on the first Thursday of May. After both the House and Senate voted unanimously on this amended law, President Ronald Reagan signed it into order. “America needs to be saturated with prayer on Thursday, May 3,” said Ronnie Floyd. “From small towns to state capitals to Washington, D.C., as Christ followers, we should do all we can to pray for our nation on this special day.”

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