Ravi Zacharias Visits Korea for Open Forum at Olympic Hall and Book Launch


Ravi Zacharias will be joined by authors and speakers Os Guinness and Sam Allberry to address students and youth on the topic, “Has Christianity Failed You?”

Zacharias’s books to be released in Korean include “Recapture the Wonder,” “The Real Face of Atheism,” and “The End of Reason”

SEOUL – Christian author and apologist Ravi Zacharias is visiting Seoul, South Korea, on May 16-21, 2016, for a series of events and meetings with church leaders, businessmen, and students from across the country. Zacharias will be joined by author and social critic Os Guinness along with author and pastor Sam Allberry, as well as other members of the RZIM itinerant speaking team from around the world including Michael Ramsden, Vince Vitale, and Tracy Trinita.

On Thursday, May 19, at 7:00 p.m. Zacharias will speak at an open forum held in Olympic Hall on the topic, "Has Christianity Failed You?" Over 3,000 students from across South Korea are expected to attend this event. Following the lecture, Guinness and Allberry will join Zacharias for an extended question and answer session, and thousands of questions have already been submitted by the students on topics ranging from the problem of evil and suffering, the sovereignty of God, and the exclusivity of Christ, to matters of personal integrity, sexual morality, and suicide.


In addition to the open forum, Zacharias, Guinness, and Allberry will engage in media interviews during their visit and meet privately with several key leaders in the arenas of business, church Christian ministry, higher education, and other influential sectors of Korean society.

This is Zacharias’s first visit to Seoul. “Having passed through the Incheon airport many times, it will be wonderful to meet and minister to people of Korea,” said Zacharias. “These are days marked by uncertainty and globally troubling issues. People are looking for answers, and many young people in particular are disillusioned and questioning how best to navigate increasingly complex personal and cultural challenges. I am honored to be here in Seoul and respond from the Christian worldview, and I’m delighted that Os and Sam can join me as we seek to engage with a cross-section of Korean society.”

“God continues to extend the reach of RZIM Asia across the Asia-Pacific region, and He has opened exciting doors for our team to visit Seoul, Korea for the first time. I am confident that Zacharias, Guinness, and Allberry will engage various audiences throughout their visit,” said RZIM Asia Director Howard Abe. “Christianity has a long history and strong influence in shaping Korean values and ethics, and still remains strong among the 30% of Christians in Korea. In recent years, however, perhaps due to a tightening economy and job market as well as a growing number of high-profile scandals that have rocked the nation, there has been a growing skepticism of a promising future, especially among the students and younger generation.”

RZIM’s local host team includes the Grace & Mercy Foundation Korea and Onnuri Church, and both groups are providing organizing support as well as planning follow-up initiatives. “We are so grateful for the tireless efforts of the Grace & Mercy Foundation and Onnuri Church as they have come alongside us to maximize the impact of our outreach events,” said Abe. “The overall objective of RZIM’s visit is to encourage and ignite a renewed passion for the Christian worldview and the Good News which brings hope, especially among the next generation.”

Ravi Zacharias and Sam Allberry will hold a press conference and media availability on Wednesday, May 18, 4:00-5:00pm in Seoul. Os Guinness will hold a press conference and media availability on Saturday, May 21, 3:00-5:00pm in Seoul. Contact pr@rzim.org for additional information or to schedule an interview.

Follow RZIM’s visit to Korea on social media with the hashtag: #RZIMAsia

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