Ravi Zacharias Visits Peru for Evangelistic Outreach with LATAM Team


Stuart McAllister and Vince Vitale join Zacharias to address university open forums, civic leaders, businessmen, and pastors in Lima during historic visit


LIMA – Ravi Zacharias is visiting Lima, Peru October 6-9 for a series of high profile public events in key universities as well as private gatherings with leaders from business, civic, and church communities across the nation. This is Zacharias’s first visit to Peru in over thirty years, and he is joined by Stuart McAllister and Vince Vitale as well as other members of the RZIM team from North and South America.

“I am truly excited and honored to be back in Lima, Peru. It has been over thirty years since I've visited here, and we had incredible meetings at that time. Many whose lives were changed join me in the excitement. It's a whole new generation now,” Zacharias reflected. “Please pray for our team as we will be in some university venues, business settings, and churches. The hospitality here is as good as it gets. We are grateful that God has blessed us with this opportunity once again.”

This visit is the culmination of several years of prayer and planning by local Peruvian pastors along with RZIM’s team in Latin America (LATAM), and represents a significant step for RZIM’s ministry in Spanish.

“For many years RZIM has been asked for input and visits from the Spanish-speaking world. Over the last four years, Peru has been our host and the Peruvians Christians have extended a loving embrace and a commitment to see apologetics and public proclamation to the thinkers and shapers of society develop more intentionally here and across the region,” explained Stuart McAllister, RZIM’s Director of the Americas, who has visited Peru about ten times in recent years. “With this visit, we hope that Ravi can share from his many years of public ministry and his experience and vision of what this means in today’s world. We desire to inspire leaders and motivate a whole new generation to embrace the call and challenge of the Gospel in the public square all across this region.”


Vince Vitale, Director of the Zacharias Institute and formerly Senior Tutor at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics, is also participating in this series of outreach events across Lima. “This is my first visit to Peru, and what immediately struck me is the longing of our hosts for their people to hear and respond to the Gospel. Even at midnight, when we arrived, you could see the expectation on their faces and hear the yearning in their voices. I feel so privileged to join them in this longing,” reflected Vitale. “We believe God can do immeasurably more than even the great expectations of our hosts. Please ask Him to anoint the team for each task so that we can reach the hearts of many individuals.”

Highlights of RZIM’s visit to Lima include: Thursday, October 6: Open Forum at Universidad de Pacifica Vince Vitale will speak on “Can Faith Be Rational?” at a campus gathering of professors and students Friday, October 7: Business Breakfast Gathering in Miraflores Ravi Zacharias will speak on “Leadership in the Public Arena” to around 450 professionals and government officials Program at Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos Ravi Zacharias will be conferred with an honorary degree and address the administration and faculty on the role of the university Open Forum at La Catolica University, hosted by the Philosophy Department Vince Vitale will speak on “The Problem of Evil and Suffering,” and will be joined by Ravi Zacharias and Stuart McAllister for the Q&A session Saturday, October 8: Pastors’ and Leaders’ Meeting at Lince Alliance Church Ravi Zacharias will share a welcome and overview; Stuart McAllister will speak on “Equipping the Saints;” Vince Vitale will speak on “How to Preach Apologetically” Revolution Conference hosted by Agua Viva Church Ravi Zacharias will be the keynote speaker at this conference, which is expected to draw a cross-section of people from across Peru Sunday, October 9: Sunday Morning Service at Pueblo Libre Alliance Church Ravi Zacharias will preach an evangelistic message and the RZIM team will be on hand to pray and answer questions. Youth Encounter at Centro Convenciones Scencia in La Molina Ravi Zacharias will speak to college students and young professionals at this open forum focused on answering the biggest objections to Christianity and encouraging young people to be salt and light in the culture. Stuart McAllister and Vince Vitale will join for the Q&A session.

In additional to these public events, Zacharias, McAllister, and Vitale will engage in media interviews and meet privately with several key leaders in the arenas of higher education, business, government, church ministry, and other influential sectors of Peruvian society. Please pray for them as well as for Pedro Gismondi and Ronald Cross who will be translating for the team throughout the visit.

In September, RZIM LATAM hosted a series of events in Lima featuring Abdu Murray, Michelle Tepper, and Daniel Rangel which were very well attended and received. The energy on the ground has continued to build for this October visit.

“Expectations are high and already, after four years of ministry here in Peru, there are many willing and eager to be trained, to step forward, and to explore what God has for them,” said McAllister. “May His will be done!”


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