REBOOT Las Vegas: Questions Answered, Lives Changed

Over 300 students filled a gymnasium on a school day for this unique REBOOT on September 19.

The RZIM team had the privilege of hosting REBOOT Las Vegas September 19 at Calvary Chapel. Over 300 students filled a gymnasium on a school day for this unique REBOOT. It was a day packed with short talks, Q&A panel times, and discussion forums called Chat Rooms. From start to finish, we could sense students eagerly engaging with the topics discussed.

As I think back to the event, my heart is still moved thinking of the faces of students as they asked their questions and engaged difficult and complex questions. REBOOT’s tagline globally is #NoQuestionOffLimits. This in itself shines a light on the generosity and beauty of the Christian faith; There is no question that Christ ever discourages us from asking.

At REBOOT Las Vegas, the questions were both numerous and profoundly personal. The four top-voted questions at REBOOT were:

“If a Christian commits suicide, will he go to heaven?”

“How do you get over porn addiction?”

“If I’m a guy and I am raped, is it my fault?”

“I am pregnant and I haven’t told anyone and I want to get an abortion. What should I do?”

What struck me was not only the heaviness of the questions, but that there was no break in the intensity with which the questions came. Normally at REBOOT, we will receive questions such as whether or not dinosaurs existed (which is still an important question!). But at this REBOOT, all of the questions had emotional weight attached to them. Clearly, students were looking for answers to feed their head and heart.

As a team, we felt the weight of the questions. We also felt privileged to be in a place where we could listen to students, have conversations with them, and share something of the beauty and truth found in Christ.

A major highlight for me was watching students come forward at the end to receive Christ into their lives. Many of the team had the honor to pray with students to commit their lives to Christ. After the event, a student leader came over to us and shared how one student had given his life to Christ. This student in particular, she felt, was one who many had deemed simply too-far-gone. Yet, on this day, the Lord called to him and he answered. We are convinced we witnessed a miracle in that one student’s monumental decision.

As more students came forward to receive Christ, we could hear some of their peers applauding and cheering them on. I could not help but think that this was an echo of what was taking place in heaven. Surely the heavens were rejoicing while many students came home on this day.

As I look back to the days leading up to REBOOT, I think of the special focus many of us placed on prayer for the REBOOT events happening globally; Las Vegas, London, Madrid. I am confident that the Lord heard our prayer. Students discovered meaningful answers to their tough questions. But more importantly, they encountered the One who is truth, goodness, and beauty.

We are grateful for your friendship and for your support in helping us minister to youth at events like REBOOT Las Vegas. May the Lord continue to have his hand upon each student ministered to at REBOOT.

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