Remembering Chuck Colson on the Eighth Anniversary of His Passing

Eight years ago this month, on April 21, 2012, the great Chuck Colson went to be with the Lord. He was one of my dearest friends and mentors. I think of him often, and I miss his guidance and encouragement during these challenging times.

Colson was truly a prophet for our times. His dramatic conversion was a testament to the transforming power of Jesus Christ, his courage to share the Gospel with clarity and compassion impacted countless lives, and his deep concern for our deteriorating society was ever at the heart of his thinking. His heartbeat for prisoners, having been through prison himself, was one of the brightest spots that ever emerged from the Watergate era.

I wish so much that Chuck was alive today, but his legacy goes on through the ministry of the Colson Center and Prison Fellowship. Grateful for their work on justice reform and initiatives such as “Second Chance Month” which bring hope and shine light on one of the most vulnerable and forgotten populations in our society.

Christians have a responsibility to respond to crime and incarceration. When you think of the number of people behind bars, the number of people struggling, the impact on their families and the overall societal impact, it’s staggering. It is our privilege and our calling to minister to those who are deprived of freedom for whatever reason; we can be agents of redemption and healing in their lives. Offering someone a second chance— extending a helping hand and sharing a loving word—can mean the difference between total abandonment of hope and the possibility of a future again.

As we give thanks for life beyond the grave and rejoice that Chuck Colson is with the Savior he loved so dearly, may his legacy continue to inspire us all. I pray we will seek to serve our Lord with the same heart and compassion to reach our troubled world and uncompromising commitment to eternal truth that Colson so beautifully demonstrated.

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