Removing Despair

“Your words literally saved my life," a young woman told Abdu just after he finished speaking at an event. Hear some of her story in this article.


“Your words literally saved my life.” A young lady told me that just after I finished speaking at the Breakforth One Conference in Edmonton in Alberta, Canada. How can one forget such moving words? There are ever so brief moments in ministry when one wonders what impact is actually happening. Closely on the heels of such moments, God sends confirmation that the impact is deep and wide.

This year, our team has already crossed the globe with university missions from Montreal to Texas, the UK to the Netherlands. We spoke to diverse audiences, engaged in dialogues with noted atheist thinkers and leaders from other religions. The audiences have been engaging us with sincere questions and have asked us to pray with them. I had the greatest pleasure of speaking at two of those missions in Canada, one at University of Toronto and another at McGill University. After each talk, I received feedback from skeptics who wanted to delve deeper into the answers that Jesus can provide.

But the young lady’s comments have echoed in my ears ever since. She must have seen the stunned look on my face, so she quickly provided more detail. She had tried to commit suicide a couple of times before, only to fail through circumstances she now knows were orchestrated by God. In her unyielding despair, some months ago she had decided to try a third time. But she came to hear me speak at a youth event and everything changed. “Here’s what you said,” she explained as she opened the very notebook she had with her so long ago. “The cost of truth is worth paying the price,” and “the answers are not hard to find; they’re hard to accept,” she had written. I said those words as part of a talk on how truth always has a price tag, but the cost is always worth paying. God used those words to remove her despair so that she could push on in life, buoyed by a conviction that God is with her.

I’m quite confident that our team members can recount similar stories. We’re sure to hear more of them as God continues to provide opportunities for us to share the credibility of Christ in challenging settings. Thank you for your prayers and being with us on the journey.

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