Teens Buzzing with Excitement After REBOOT London

God is impacting lives through this global youth event, from London to Nigeria and beyond.

On Saturday, September 22, 1500 teenagers and youth leaders from around the UK gathered for REBOOT London in the historic Westminster Central Hall. We were blown away by God’s hand in the event, from the number of new delegates–over 60 percent were first-time REBOOT attendees–to the global reach this event garnered.

The training day was packed with punchy, TED-talk style presentations followed by Q&A sessions, interview-style apologetics, and seminars all geared towards the teen audience in the room who learn visually and who engage with content daily on their mobile devices.

Several students made first time commitments to follow Jesus during the day. One of our speakers prayed with a young man struggling with his sexuality but, after hearing the sessions, realized he could continue asking questions and still trust God with his life. Another speaker received a message from a teenager who identifies as bisexual who said she was struck by the impact of God’s love and was grateful our team took the time to listen to her questions. The speaker said he was “in tears at how REBOOT is changing lives and God’s love in Christ can overcome all our brokenness!” We also continue to hear from youth leaders and parents who tell us their teens came back from the event buzzing with excitement and are eager to share what they learned with their peers.

Based on our feedback survey, the teens’ favorite part of the day were the various Q&A sessions in which they were able to ask their questions anonymously through their smartphones.

We received hundreds of questions and did our best to answer as many as possible on stage in the Q&A panels, as well as in one-on-one interactions with students during every break.

Louie Giglio, pastor of Passion City Church in Atlanta, Georgia, closed the day with a moving talk, “How can I know this is real?” Louie boldly addressed anxiety, depression, suicide, and mental health in his talk, all struggles Generation Z heavily faces. He ended with a compelling invitation to “enter a relationship with Jesus whereby he comes and forgives and changes everything about our lives,” giving everyone the opportunity to respond in privacy and, as people closed their eyes, at least 150 hands went up in response.

We livestreamed the entire event to our team in Jos, Nigeria, a Boko Haram occupied territory; this summer in Nigeria was one of grave persecution and sadness as hundreds of Nigerian Christians were massacred for their faith. Two of our OCCA adjuncts in Jos were able to gather 500 people to watch the REBOOT stream and 55 people committed their lives to Christ.

We also streamed one of the Q&A panels as well as Louie’s session via Facebook Live and YouTube. The Q&A panel garnered 6,500 views and Louie’s session 16,320 total views.

Stories of impact and letters from students to our team are still flowing in. Please join us in praying that teens across the world would come to know freedom and hope in Christ. We could not reach the next generation without your financial support and prayers. Thank you for standing with us.

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