Update from RZIM Board of Directors Executive Committee — October 7, 2020

Having read recently reported allegations against the late Ravi Zacharias, we are shocked and deeply distressed by them. While these allegations are not consistent with the man many have known for decades, we take any allegations of this nature extremely seriously. We are committed to an independent investigation. To that end, we commissioned Miller & Martin, a firm with expertise in this area, to investigate this matter to the fullest extent possible. As followers of Christ who passionately believe that every person bears the image of God, we detest any sin of abuse. RZIM is committed to submitting fully to this investigation, and to publicly releasing its findings.

Thorough investigations of this nature take time. We do not plan to comment on any details of the allegations or published reports until the independent investigation is complete.

We would be deeply grateful for your prayers at this time, and join with others in praying for all who are affected by these allegations.

The Executive Committee of the RZIM Board of Directors

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