Update on Nabeel Qureshi and a Note of Thanks


Many thanks to all of you who have offered words of encouragement and especially prayers for Nabeel Qureshi as he was recently diagnosed with aggressive stomach cancer. It is humbling to witness the many expressions of concern and support from around the world for Nabeel and his family as they navigate this difficult journey.

Nabeel will start treatment soon and would be grateful for your prayers as he takes the next steps. As he has stated, "The clinical prognosis is quite grim, nonetheless we are going to pursue healing aggressively, both medical and miraculous, relying on God and the fact that He is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine." RZIM is committed to standing with Nabeel and Michelle and their young daughter during this season, including covering Nabeel's medical insurance costs and supporting the family in whatever ways possible. We have reassured him of that and of our love and concern.

Please join us in continuing to pray for Nabeel and that God will be glorified in the midst of these challenging circumstances. I have just gotten off the phone with Nabeel and praying with him. We are truly trusting God for His work in him, in His way and in His time, with His encouragement and His power for His glory. He is God Almighty and an ever present help in our time of need.

With Gratitude,

Ravi, on behalf of the entire RZIM team

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