Welcome to the Apologetic Questions and Answers page! The resources presented here seek to address today’s frequently asked apologetic and theological questions. RZIM team members will present concise responses and resources for further study for specific questions.

RZIM envisions Apologetic Questions and Answers as a first step in pursuing further study, resources, and responses to many challenging questions concerning the Christian faith. Recommended resources are not necessarily endorsed by RZIM, but have been found helpful in addressing particular aspects of apologetic or theological questions. We hope you will find this site a helpful entry point into your own study.

Follow the links on the questions below to find RZIM's response:

What is a Christian?

What is apologetics?

What happens to people who die who haven’t heard of Jesus?

What are some resources on Hinduism?

What are some resources on the Islamic faith?

What is the age of the earth (and other questions involving the first eleven chapters of Genesis)?

Does RZIM have a position on Calvinism or Arminianism?

Does RZIM have an official view on the end times or on eschatology?

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