This list of resources does not imply an official endorsement of any particular position; rather, these are simply the resources we reference for those who want to study the various Christian perspectives on specific issues.

Christian EthicsBioethics: A Primer for ChristiansGilbert Meilaender
Christian EthicsBiblical EthicsRobertson McQuilkin
Christian EthicsStraight and Narrow? (Homosexuality)Thomas Schmidt
Christian EthicsBody and SoulJames Porter Moreland, Scott B. Rae
Christian EthicsFinal WishesPaul Chamberlain
Christian EthicsBeyond Integrity (Business Ethics)Scott Rae/K.L. Wong
Christian EthicsOut of Order: Homosexuality in the Bible and the Ancient Near EastDonald J. Wold
Christian EthicsHomosexuality and the Politics of TruthJeffrey Satinover
Christian EthicsHomosexuality: The Use of Scientific Research in the Church’s Moral DebateStanton L. Jones and Mark Yarhouse
Christianity and CultureGod and Mammon in AmericaRobert Wuthnow
Christianity and CultureThe Way of the (Modern) WorldCraig Gay
Christianity and CultureThe Soul in CyberspaceDouglas Groothuis
Christianity and CultureHow To Stay Christian in CollegeJ. Budziszewski
Christianity and CultureTelling the TruthD.A. Carson ed. et al. (28 author compilation)
Christianity and CultureFrom Dawn to Decadence: 500 Years of Western Cultural LifeJacques Barzun
Christianity and CultureAn Intimate History of HumanityTheodore Zeldin
Christianity and CultureVirtual FaithTom Beaudoin
Christianity and CultureSix Modern MythsPhilip Sampson
Christianity and CultureDictionary of Cultural LiteracyE.D. Hirsch
Christianity and CultureAll God’s Children and Blue Suede ShoesKenneth Myers
Christianity and CultureThe Contemporary ChristianJohn Stott
Christianity and CultureThe American Hour: A Time of Reckoning and the Once and Future Role of FaithOs Guinness
Christianity and CultureFinding God at HarvardKelly Monroe
Christianity and CultureInvitation to the ClassicsLouise Cowan, Os Guinness
Christianity and CultureHomosexuality and American Public LifeChristopher Wolfe
Christianity and CultureThe Outrageous Idea of Christian ScholarshipGeorge M. Marsden
Christianity and CultureProfessors Who BelievePaul Anderson
Christianity and CultureEvangelicalism & the Future of ChristianityAlister McGrath
Christianity and CultureGod’s Global Mosaic: What We Can Learn from Christians Around the WorldPaul-Gordon Chandler
Christianity and CultureThe Sensate CultureHarold O. J. Brown
Christianity and CultureThe Consuming PassionRodney Clapp
Christianity and CultureShows About NothingThomas Hibbs
Christianity and CultureThe One, the Three and the ManyColin Gunton
Christianity and CultureWhy America Needs Religion: Secular Modernity and Its DiscontentsGuenter Lewy
Christianity and CultureTotal Truth: Liberating Christianity from Its Cultural CaptivityNancy Pearcey
Christianity and CultureGod & CultureD. A. Carson, John D. Woodbridge, Carl F. H. Henry
Christianity and CultureReason in the Balance: The Case Against Naturalism in Science, Law and EducationPhillip E. Johnson
Christianity and Political LifeLegislating MoralityNorman L. Geisler, Frank Turek
Christianity and Political LifeEqual TreatmentStephen V. Monsma, J. Christopher Soper
Christianity and Political LifeNo God but God: Breaking With the Idols of Our AgeOs Guinness, John Seel
Cults and World ReligionsDissonant VoicesHarold Netland
Cults and World ReligionsSee the Gods FallFrancis J. Beckwith, Stephen E. Parrish
Cults and World ReligionsThe Supremacy of JesusStephen Neill
Cults and World ReligionsThe New Age Movement and the Biblical WorldviewJohn Newport
Cults and World ReligionsMormon AmericaRichard/Joan Ostling
Cults and World ReligionsWelcome All Wonders (Mormonism)J.A.C. Redford
Cults and World ReligionsCults, World Religions and the OccultKenneth Boa
Cults and World ReligionsNaming the Elephant: Worldview As a ConceptJames Sire
Cults and World ReligionsChristianity at the Religious RoundtableTimothy Tennent
Cults and World ReligionsAnswering IslamNorman L. Geisler, Abdul Saleeb
Cults and World ReligionsChristian Faith & Other FaithsNeil
Cults and World ReligionsA Ready DefenseJosh McDowell
Cults and World ReligionsA Reasoned Look at Asian ReligionsDavid L. Johnson
Cults and World ReligionsMuslims & Christians on the Emmaus RoadJ. Woodberry
Cults and World ReligionsSharing Your Faith With a MuslimAbdul-Haqq
Cults and World ReligionsThe Universe Next Door: A Basic Worldview CatalogJames W. Sire
Cults and World ReligionsWorlds ApartNorman L. Geisler, William D. Watkins
Cults and World ReligionsDeath of a GuruRabi Maharaj, Dave Hunt
Cults and World ReligionsNeighboring FaithsWinfried Corduan
Cults and World ReligionsThe Compact Guide to World ReligionsDean Halverson
Cults and World ReligionsOriental PhilosophyStuart C. Hackett
Cults and World ReligionsThe Counterfeit Gospel of MormonismNorman L. Geisler, Ron Rhodes, Phil Roberts, Jerald Tanner, Sandra Tanner, Francis J. Beckwith
Cults and World ReligionsJesus Among Other GodsRavi Zacharias
Cults and World ReligionsApologetics in the New AgeClark/Geisler
Current TrendsBreaking the Da Vinci Code: Answers to the Questions Everyone’s AskingDarrell Bock
Current TrendsThe Gospel CodeBen Witherington
Doubt/Struggling with FaithHelp My UnbeliefFleming Rutledge
Doubt/Struggling with FaithWhen Life and Beliefs CollideCarolyn Custis James
Doubt/Struggling with FaithCan God Be Trusted? Faith and the Challenge of EvilJohn G. Stackhouse, Jr.
Doubt/Struggling with FaithThe Thomas Factor: Using Your Doubts To Draw Closer to GodGary Habermas
Doubt/Struggling with FaithGod in the DarkOs Guinness
Doubt/Struggling with FaithThe Gospel According to JobMike Mason
Doubt/Struggling with FaithReaching for the Invisible God: What Can We Expect to Find?Philip Yancey
Doubt/Struggling with FaithWhy Isn’t God More Obvious?Paul Moser
General ApologeticsBaker Encyclopedia of Christian ApologeticsNorman Geisler
General ApologeticsReasonable FaithWilliam Lane Craig
General ApologeticsIs the Bible True?Jeffery Sheler
General ApologeticsThe Case For FaithLee Strobel
General ApologeticsThe Complete Works of Francis A. SchaefferFrancis A. Schaeffer
General ApologeticsSearching for TruthJoe Boot
General ApologeticsI Don’t Have Enough Faith To Be an AtheistNorman Geisler and Frank Turek
General ApologeticsThe Twilight of Atheism: The Rise and Fall of Disbelief in the Modern WorldAlister McGrath
General ApologeticsHumble Apologetics: Defending the Faith TodayJohn G. Stackhouse, Jr.
General ApologeticsThat’s Just Your InterpretationPaul Copan
General ApologeticsReason for the Hope WithinMichael Murray
General ApologeticsHandbook of Christian ApologeticsPeter Kreeft, Ronald K. Tacelli
General ApologeticsKnow Why You BelievePaul E. Little
General ApologeticsClassical ApologeticsSproul/Lindsley/Gerstner
General ApologeticsScaling the Secular CityJames Porter Moreland
General ApologeticsFaith of the FatherlessVitz
General ApologeticsFive Views on ApologeticsGary Habermas
General ApologeticsGod in the DockC. S. Lewis
General ApologeticsGod, Are You There?W. Craig
General ApologeticsCan Man Live Without GodRavi Zacharias
General ApologeticsWhen Skeptics AskGeisler/Brooks
General ApologeticsChristian ApologeticsN. Geisler
General ApologeticsMere ChristianityC. S. Lewis
General ApologeticsWarranted Christian BeliefAlvin Plantinga
General PhilosophyThe Oxford Companion to PhilosophyTed Honderich
General PhilosophyA History of Philosophy, Volume 1Frederick Copleston
General PhilosophyPhilosophy for DummiesTom Morris
General PhilosophyContemporary Philosophy of ReligionCharles Taliaferro
General PhilosophyA Companion to Philosophy of ReligionQuinn/Taliaferro
General PhilosophyGod, Reason, & Theistic ProofsStephen Davis
General PhilosophyIntroduction to PhilosophyGeisler/Feinberg
General PhilosophyPhilosophy of ReligionN. Geisler
General PhilosophyPhilosophers Who BelieveKelly Clark
General PhilosophyDoes God Exist?James Porter Moreland, Kai Nielsen
General PhilosophyThe Intellectuals Speak Out About GodRoy Abraham Varghese
General PhilosophyA History of Philosophy, Volume 2Frederick Copleston
General PhilosophyA History of Philosophy, Volume 3Frederick Copleston
General PhilosophyContemporary Approaches to PhilosophyPaul K. Moser, Dwayne H. Mulder
God and MoralityMoral Relativism: A ReaderPaul K. Moser, Thomas L. Carson
God and MoralityEvolution, Animal ‘Rights’, and the EnvironmentJames Reichmann
God and MoralityCan We Be Good Without God?Paul Chamberlain
God and MoralityMorality and the Good LifeThomas L. Carson, Paul K. Moser
God and MoralityWritten on the HeartJ. Budziszewski
God and MoralityFact, Value, and GodArthur Holmes
God and MoralityThe Revenge of Conscience: Politics and the Fall of ManJ. Budziszewski
God and MoralityThe Abolition of ManC. S. Lewis
Historical JesusMore Than a CarpenterJosh McDowell
Historical JesusThe Case For ChristLee Strobel
Historical JesusWill the Real Jesus Please Stand Up?Edited By Paul Copan
Historical JesusCynic, Sage or Son of God?Gregory A. Boyd
Historical JesusJesus Under FireMoreland/Wilkins
Historical JesusJesus and the Logic of HistoryPaul Barnett
Historical JesusWho Was Jesus?N.T. Wright
Historical JesusThe Jesus QuestBen Witherington III
Historical JesusFour Gospels, One Jesus: A Symbolic ReadingRichard A. Burridge
Historical JesusThis Jesus: Martyr, Lord, MessiahMarkus Bockmuehl
Historical JesusThe Historical Reliability of the GospelsCraig L. Blomberg
Historical JesusDictionary of Jesus and the GospelsJoel B. Green
Historical JesusJesus the Messiah: A Survey of the Life of ChristRobert Stein
Historical JesusStudying the Synoptic Gospels: Origin and InterpretationRobert H. Stein
Historical JesusJesus and the GospelsCraig Blomberg
Historical JesusJesus the SeerBen Witherington
Historical JesusGod CrucifiedRichard Bauckham
Historical JesusEaster EnigmaJohn Wenham
Historical JesusJesus and the Restoration of IsraelCarey Newman
Historical JesusJesus Outside the New TestamentRobert Van Voorst
Life’s Meaning and PurposeWhy Isn’t God More ObviousP. Moser
Life’s Meaning and PurposeCries of the HeartRavi Zacharias
Life’s Meaning and PurposeMaking Sense of It AllThomas V. Morris
Life’s Meaning and PurposeThe Weight of GloryC. S. Lewis
MiraclesMiraclesC. S. Lewis
MiraclesIn Defense of Miracles: A Comprehensive Case for God’s Actions in HistoryR. Douglas Geivett
MiraclesJesus the Miracle WorkerGraham Twelftree
MiraclesMiraclesRichard Swinburne
MiraclesWills Test Bibliowill
Philosophical TheologyTime and Eternity: Exploring God’s Relationship to TimeWilliam Craig
Philosophical TheologyOur Idea of GodThomas Morris
Philosophical TheologyContemporary Philosophy of ReligionCharles Taliaferro
Philosophical TheologyAnselmian ExplorationsThomas Morris
Philosophical TheologyThe Nature of NecessityAlvin Plantinga
Philosophical TheologyMaking Sense of Your FreedomJames Felt
Philosophical TheologyThe Only Wise GodWilliam Lane Craig
PluralismThe Gagging of GodD.A. Carson
PluralismChristianity and PluralityRichard Plantinga
PluralismA Shattered Visage:The Real Face of Atheism For WillRavi Zacharias
PluralismMore Than One Way?D. Ockholm/T.Phillips
PluralismThe Philosophical Challenge of Religious DiversityPhilip L. Quinn, Kevin Meeker
PluralismFaiths in ConflictVinoth Ramachandra
PluralismThe Meeting of Religions and the TrinityGavin D’Costa
Problem of EvilEvil and the Evidence for GodDouglas Geivett
Problem of EvilThe Nature of HellEvangelical Alliance
Problem of EvilHell: A Hard Look at a Hard QuestionDavid Powys
Problem of EvilEvil and the CrossHenri Blocher
Problem of EvilDeliver Us From EvilRavi Zacharias
Problem of EvilThe Roots of EvilN. Geisler
Problem of EvilMaking Sense Out of SufferingPeter Kreeft
Problem of EvilThe Great DivorceC. S. Lewis
Problem of EvilThe Problem of PainC. S. Lewis
Problem of EvilA Grief ObservedC. S. Lewis
Problem of EvilScrewtape LettersC. S. Lewis
Problem of EvilGod, Freedom, and EvilAlvin Plantinga
Problem of EvilThe Evidential Argument from EvilDaniel Howard-Snyder
ScienceChristianity and the Nature of ScienceJames Porter Moreland
ScienceGenesis and the Big Bang Theory: The Discovery Of Harmony Between Modern Science And The BibleGerald Schroeder
ScienceDarwin on TrialPhillip E. Johnson
ScienceThe Creation HypothesisJames Porter Moreland
ScienceIntelligent DesignWilliam Dembski
ScienceMere Creation; Science, Faith & Intelligent DesignWilliam A. Dembski
ScienceEvolution: A Theory in CrisisMichael Denton
ScienceThe Natural Limits to Biological ChangeLester/Bohlin
ScienceThe Soul of ScienceThaxton/Pearcey
ScienceThe Mystery of Life’s OriginCharles B Thaxton et al.
ScienceThree Views on Creation and EvolutionJ.P. Moreland and John Mark Reynolds
ScienceThe Design Revolution: Answering the Toughest Questions about Intelligent DesignWilliam Dembski
ScienceDoubts about Darwin: A History of Intelligent DesignTom Woodward
ScienceHow Blind Is the Watchmaker?Neil Broom
ScienceNature, Design, and ScienceDel Ratzsch
ScienceIcons of EvolutionJonathan Wells
ScienceSigns of IntelligenceWilliam A. Dembski, James M. Kushiner
ScienceThe Wedge of Truth: Splitting the Foundations of NaturalismPhillip E. Johnson
ScienceDefeating DarwinismPhillip Johnson
ScienceTheism, Atheism, and Big Bang CosmologyWilliam Lane Craig, Quentin Smith
Show All
Spiritual Disciplines/Christian LivingBeing HumanRanald MacAuley and Jerram Barrs
Spiritual Disciplines/Christian LivingTrue SpiritualityFrancis Schaeffer
Spiritual Disciplines/Christian LivingLetters Along the WayD. A. Carson, John D. Woodbridge
Spiritual Disciplines/Christian LivingSpiritual MentoringAnderson/Reese
Spiritual Disciplines/Christian LivingKnowing GodJ.I. Packer
Spiritual Disciplines/Christian LivingKnowledge of the HolyA.W. Tozer
Spiritual Disciplines/Christian LivingDictionary of Jesus and the GospelsJoel B. Green
Spiritual Disciplines/Christian LivingDictionary of Paul and His LettersGerald F. Hawthorne, Ralph P. Martin
Spiritual Disciplines/Christian LivingDictionary of the Later New Testament and Its DevelopmentRalph P. Martin, Peter H. Davids
Spiritual Disciplines/Christian LivingDictionary of New Testament BackgroundCraig A. Evans, Stanley E. Porter
Spiritual Disciplines/Christian LivingThe Spirit of the DisciplinesDallas Willard
Spiritual Disciplines/Christian LivingThe Divine ConspiracyDallas Willard
Spiritual Disciplines/Christian LivingFollowing ChristJoseph Stowell
Spiritual Disciplines/Christian LivingFreedom for MinistryRichard Neuhaus
Spiritual Disciplines/Christian LivingSubversive SpiritualityEugene H. Peterson
Spiritual Disciplines/Christian LivingNeither Poverty nor RichesCraig Blomberg
Spiritual Disciplines/Christian LivingThat I May Know GodKenneth Boa
The Christian MindHabits of the MindSire
The Christian MindThe Scandal of the Evangelical MindMark A. Noll
The Christian MindFit Bodies Fat Minds: Why Evangelicals Don’t Think and What to Do About ItOs Guinness
The Christian MindLove Your God With All Your MindJ.P. Moreland
The Christian MindOrthodoxyG. K. Chesterton
Theology and Biblical StudiesNew Bible AtlasJ. H. Paterson, Donald J. Wiseman
Theology and Biblical StudiesNew Dictionary of Biblical TheologyBrian S. Rosner, T. Desmond Alexander, Carson Goldsworthy
Theology and Biblical StudiesDictionary of New Testament BackgroundCraig A. Evans (Editor), Stanley E. Porter
Theology and Biblical StudiesDictionary of the Later New Testament & Its DevelopmentsRalph P. Martin, Peter H. Davids
Theology and Biblical StudiesDictionary of Jesus and the GospelsMultiple Editors
Theology and Biblical StudiesThe Christian Tradition, Volume 2Jaroslav Pelikan
Theology and Biblical StudiesThe Christian Tradition, Volume 3Jaroslav Pelikan
Theology and Biblical StudiesThe Christian Tradition, Volume 4Jaroslav Pelikan
Theology and Biblical StudiesThe Christian Tradition, Volume 5Jaroslav Pelikan
Theology and Biblical StudiesThis We BelieveJohn N. Akers ed. et al. (12 author compilation)
Theology and Biblical StudiesNew Dictionary of TheologyDavid F. Wright, Sinclair B. Ferguson, J. I. Packer
Theology and Biblical StudiesHow To Read the Bible for All Its WorthGordon D. Fee, Douglas Stuart
Theology and Biblical StudiesThe Gospels for All ChristiansRichard Bauckham
Theology and Biblical StudiesA Theology of the New TestamentGeorge Ladd
Theology and Biblical StudiesBasic ChristianityJohn Stott
Theology and Biblical StudiesChristian TheologyMillard Erickson
Theology and Biblical StudiesThe New Testament Documents: Are They Reliable?F.F. Bruce
Theology and Biblical StudiesNew Bible CommentaryD. A. Carson
Theology and Biblical StudiesNew Bible DictionaryD. R. W. Wood
Theology and Biblical StudiesThe Christian Tradition, Volume 1Jaroslav Pelikan
Theology and Biblical StudiesHeresies: Heresy and Orthodoxy in the History of the ChurchHarold O. J. Brown
Theology and Biblical StudiesEvangelical Dictionary of TheologyWalter A. Elwell
Theology and Biblical StudiesHistorical TheologyAlister E. McGrath
Theology and Biblical StudiesNew Testament Criticism & InterpretationDavid Alan Black, David S. Dockery
Theology and Biblical StudiesAn Introduction to the New TestamentCarson/Moo/Morris
Theology and Biblical StudiesAn Introduction to the Old TestamentRaymond B. Dillard
Theology and Biblical StudiesBackgrounds of Early ChristianityEverett Ferguson
Theology and Biblical StudiesExegetical FallaciesD.A. Carson
Theology and Biblical Studies20th-Century Theology: God and the World in a Transitional AgeStanley J. Grenz, Roger E. Olson
Truth, Skepticism & LogicTruth In ReligionMortimer Jerome Adler
Truth, Skepticism & LogicRelativismBeckwith/Koukl
Truth, Skepticism & LogicCome Let Us ReasonN. Geisler
Truth, Skepticism & LogicIs Everything Really Relative?P. Copan
Truth, Skepticism & LogicWhy Bother With Truth?Clark/Beilby
Truth, Skepticism & LogicTrue for You, But Not for MePaul Copan
Truth, Skepticism & LogicThe Theory of KnowledgePaul K. Moser
Truth, Skepticism & LogicContemporary Perspective on Religious EpistemologyGeivett/Sweetman
Truth, Skepticism & LogicEpistemology: Becoming Intellectually Virtuous (Contours of Christian Philosophy)W. Jay Wood
Truth, Skepticism & LogicTruth: A PrimerFrederick Schmitt
Truth, Skepticism & LogicCompanion to EpistemologyDancy/Sosa
Truth, Skepticism & LogicTruth DecayDouglas R. Groothuis
Truth, Skepticism & LogicBelief in GodGeorge Mavrodes
Truth, Skepticism & LogicLonging To KnowEsther Lightcap Meek

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