After speaking at the Lausanne Conference in Switzerland at the invitation of Rev. Billy Graham, Ravi Zacharias saw a need to address 21st century people who were successful, yet felt no need for God. He later spoke at a conference in Ohio in 1983, and an entrepreneur approached Ravi with a significant gift to help launch the ministry. They each invited a small group of friends to be “Founders” to support Ravi in prayer, encouragement, and giving. RZIM was founded in 1984. Learn more about becoming a Founder.

The ministry has grown significantly in the past 35 years. Some highlights include:

  • With an eye to the next generation, RZIM has grown the team to just under 100 speakers; they address students on college campuses, government officials, business leaders, and people in the arts.
  • The Zacharias Institute hosts training events for pastors, leaders from parachurch organization, emerging apologists, young adults nearly every month. Radio broadcasts, podcasts, livestreaming events and offices for 100+ employees are housed here.
  • RZIM Academy, an online training course, has trained over 10,000 people in apologetics.
  • The Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics, an intensive training program in Oxford, combines apologetics with practical application. Its alumni base of over 400 includes 27 recent graduates currently serving on the RZIM team.
  • Wellspring International, the humanitarian arm of RZIM, gives to organizations that aid underprivileged women and children. This past year over $1.5 million was given to 16 projects in 11 countries.

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