Alanzo Julian Paul

Born and raised in Canada, Alanzo has spoken at prison, churches, universities, and schools all over Canada, the United Kingdom, and continental Europe. He and his wife founded a men’s grooming brand that has thrived across the globe.

Alanzo Julian Paul is an itinerant speaker based in Canada where he was born and raised. He first held a corporate position in an oil and gas company for several years before entering the e-commerce sector. In what was Alanzo’s first private sector venture as an entrepreneur, he and his wife founded a global men’s grooming brand. His business has thrived and can now be found around the world.

Alanzo is enthusiastic about engaging with young people’s questions in particular and has mentored youth for nearly ten years. In addition to working with young people, he has spoken at prison, churches, universities, and schools all over Canada, the United Kingdom, and continental Europe.

Alanzo has a degree in theology from the University of Oxford. He has a passion for speaking and writing on the following topics:

  • Is there Evidence for God’s Existence?
  • Is Faith in God Irrational?
  • Hasn’t Science Made God Unnecessary?
  • Does Evil and Suffering Disprove God’s Existence?
  • Why Would a Loving God Allow Suffering?
  • Jesus of Nazareth: Historical Reliability and Personal Relevancy
  • Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus
  • Why Trust the Bible?
  • Is Jesus God?
  • Does Religion Poison Everything?
  • A Living Hope in the Midst of a Dying World
  • The Veracity, Sublimity, and Utility of Apologetics in the 21st Century
  • What is the Gospel?
  • Meaning(s) in Life
  • Personal Testimony: An Opiate Addict Rescued by the Love of God

No matter what you have done or what people have said about you, God loves you! Even death wasn’t able to defeat the love He has for you.

Upcoming Appearances by Alanzo Julian Paul

Alanzo Speaks at Chapel Place

8 Chapel Pl, Markham, ON L3R 9C4

November 29

Alanzo Paul
Alanzo speaks on Beauty and the Existence of God–
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Private Event

December 04

Alanzo Paul

Capture the Wonder - Evangelium: God’s Grand Story

101F 250 Front St W
Toronto, ON
M5V 3G5

December 15

Alanzo Paul, Logan Gates
Evangelium: God’s Grand Story- Alanzo Paul 

Evangelium is Latin for ‘the Gospel’ or the ‘Good News’ of Christianity. This Evangelium quaked its ancient context and upended the mightiest superpower in existence, Rome. But why? What is so special about this ‘Good News’? Why have Christians around the world been celebrating this Gospel for nearly two millenia? Often it takes examining something we assume we’re familiar with, ‘the Gospel’, with a fresh perspective to fully grasp and appreciate the beauty of it. In this talk we will explore why this Good News has been so enduring and life changing for millions of people.
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Capture the Wonder - The Difference the Incarnation


December 17

Alanzo Paul, Basil McLaren
The Difference the Incarnation Makes - Basil McLaren
Humanity entrusted with power so often misuses that authority. So what is the difference Jesus’ birth makes to the state of our humanity? As a society, we seem stuck in ruts of racial, economic, and spiritual hopelessness. Christmas tells us that God meets us where we are at, but he's not content to leave us there. Nothing is more evident than the fact that we can’t upgrade to humanity 2.0 on our own steam. Therefore, Christmas is the story of humanity’s upgrade to its true-self found in connection to God himself. 
Basil McLaren
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Capture the Wonder:- When the Invisible Becomes Visible: Advent Through Art


December 17

Alanzo Paul, Guest Speaker
We warmly welcome you to join us as we close our Advent series with a thought provoking interview with Canadian artist Sylvia Woods. Here we will explore some of her most recent paintings that not only capture our wonder but our hearts as she paints inspired by topics such as grace, transparency, lamentation, and so much more.
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