Alex Stark

Alex Stark is a speaker for RZIM based in Sydney, Australia. He is interested in the big questions people ask about the Christian faith, as well as helping them imagine what their life could be like if they followed Jesus.

Alex is an itinerant speaker for RZIM. He grew up in Brisbane, Australia, and spent most of his time playing sports with friends. When he was fifteen, he heard the Christian story in a way that unlocked his imagination, forcing him to ask deep questions about life to which the person of Jesus was the answer. After graduating from high school, Alex went on to study theology in Brisbane and Oxford, showing particular interest in the writing of Christian ethicists and gender theory.

Alex speaks in churches and universities, at conferences, and in the corporate world. He particularly loves helping young people navigate their questions, having worked with them for just under a decade. Alex has led outreach teams in local parish missions, as well as volunteer chaplains at music festivals and school-leaver celebrations in Australia. In all of this, he has been continually reminded that the Christian story isn’t just true news but also good news, and he is committed to helping people explore the truth and beauty of God’s good story.

Alex lives in Sydney, Australia, with his wife, Kath, and spends his time speaking with people who have questions about the Christian faith.

Areas of Interest: Christian ethics, mental health, cultural objections to Christianity, and unpacking the beauty of Scriptures.

Christian faith isn't about not having doubts; it's about being honest about our doubts and bringing them to God. That's real faith: trusting God with what we can and trusting Him to form the parts of us we've not yet entrusted to Him.

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