Andy Wickham

Regional Director for Europe and host of the Las Razones de la Fe podcast, Andy speaks and writes to showcase the truth, beauty, and relevance of the gospel of Jesus Christ to secular Spanish society.

Andy Wickham is the Regional Director for Europe. After studying theology at Schloss Mittersill Study Centre (Austria) and the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics, Andy earned his MTh in Old Testament theology from UNISA in 2009.

Previous to his current role directing the RZIM office in Spain and serving Europe, he was a staff worker for Grupos Bíblicos Universitarios (GBU) in southern Spain. During the last decade, Andy has spoken on the Christian faith and engaged in Q&A sessions in many different contexts across Spain, most often with audiences of skeptic university students. Andy enjoys engaging with secular audiences around life’s big questions and topics such as hope, the Resurrection, the trustworthiness of the Bible, belief in God in the 21st century, or faith as a psychological crutch.

Andy is also committed to investing in the next generation. He started Proclama in 2013, a joint mentorship initiative between RZIM and GBU to raise a generation able to communicate the Christian message in the public arena, concretely in the Spanish academic context. It’s a joy to see how this initiative has multiplied across Europe.

Despite Andy’s British surname, his first language is Spanish. He lives in Madrid with his wife, Elizabeth, and their three children.

Listen to Andy’s talks on the podcast, Las Razones de la Fe.

Learn more about RZIM's office in Spain: Fundación RZ para el diálogo entre fe y cultura.

Upcoming Appearances by Andy Wickham



October 31

Andy Wickham, Gerson Mercadal
FEUER is a loose network of evangelists working in the European university context. By invitation only.

Behold Europe

Tarragona, Spain

November 29

Andy Wickham, Gerson Mercadal
'Behold' is a gathering for young European evangelists for a time of encouragement, equipping and envisioning. With a clear focus on the proclamation of the Gospel, we will explore together the challenges facing us today in Europe, and be inspired and equipped as we strategically work together with a desire to see true Gospel impact in our day. (By invitation only)

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