Daniel Gilman

Rev. Gilman’s background is in justice, politics, leadership development, and expositional preaching. He’s passionate about the Bible’s credibility, historical evidence for the resurrection, and how only the Christian God bears the marks of evil.

Reverend Daniel Gilman is an itinerant speaker for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. Previously he served as the Director for Human Rights Projects at Canada's Parliament. In that capacity, Daniel's mandate was to help politicians make a concrete difference against exploitation and abuse. He also served as the director for a parliamentary program designed to develop young leaders into effective policy makers, while remaining grounded in their character and faith. For years, Daniel served as speechwriter for several members of Parliament combatting human trafficking, sexual abuse, and pornography.

Daniel served as the Pastor for Young Adults at the Metropolitan Bible Church and the Lead Pastor of Church On Wednesday, at the heart of the University of Ottawa, where he had the joy of leading Hindu, agnostic, Muslim, and atheist students to Jesus Christ. He is passionate about blending expositional preaching with Jesus-centered apologetics.

For seven years Daniel served on the board of the National Prayer Breakfast, bringing together prime ministers, politicians, supreme court judges, ambassadors, business women and men, as well as pastors and innovators from across Canada and the globe. Daniel has traveled to London, England, Canberra, Australia, and Washington, DC, to exchange ideas one-on-one with members of cabinet, politicians, and their chief-of-staffs to discuss issues of exploitation, human trafficking, and humility.

Daniel has spoken hundreds of time across Canada, the US, Australia, England, and the Dominican Republic in universities, churches, schools, pubs, and parliaments. He is a facilitator with Voice Found, helping equip adults to protect children from sexual exploitation, and has served for half a decade with MoveIn, a ministry where one moves into a broken neighborhood to help their neighbors climb out of poverty.

Daniel has an MA in history from the University of Ottawa, where he studied how the gospel inspired the movement to the end human trafficking. He has an honors bachelor of arts in history and philosophy, also from the University of Ottawa where he graduated summa cum laude, and is completing graduate studies in theology from Ryle Seminary.

Daniel Gilman was ordained by the Anglican Network in Canada (ANiC) in May 2019, and married his best friend, Alexandra Yakovelva, in June 2019.

Upcoming Appearances by Daniel Gilman

Youth Event- Wilmot Centre

Digital event
Wilmot Centre Missionary Church
2463 Bleams Road, Petersburg,

April 15

Alanzo Paul, Daniel Gilman
Open Forum on Evil, Suffering and the Question and God
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Freedom Fighters Conference-Online


April 24

Daniel Gilman
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Haven Church Toronto Sunday Service

777 Bloor St, Toronto.

April 26

Daniel Gilman
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Forest Brook Community Church
60 Kearney Dr, Ajax, ON, L1T 4N2

May 23

Alanzo Paul, Daniel Gilman, David Bennett, Jo Vitale, Nathan Betts
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Teaching Tuesday - Scotts Mission

502 Spadina Ave., Toronto, ON, M5S2H1
2nd floor Common Room

May 26

Daniel Gilman

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