David Fraser

David is an RZIM adjunct based in South Africa. With a background in mathematics, computer science, and linguistics, David speaks on the faithfulness and love of God in the face of suffering, science and faith, and pluralism.

David Fraser is an adjunct speaker based in Cape Town, South Africa. He graduated from the University of Cape Town with a bachelor of science (honors) in mathematics and computer science, and with a major in linguistics, before attending OCCA The Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics in 2014-2015.

David has been a part of RZIM missions in Uganda, Wits University, and UKZN, and has spoken in high schools and youth events in Cape Town and George.

Some topics David finds particularly interesting include the nature of personhood, the faithfulness and love of God in the face of suffering and injustice, science and faith (especially touching consciousness), and how truth works in society. David is married to Danielle and they have three children. Outside of RZIM, David works for a software development company.

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