Louis Phillips

A fulltime OCCA fellow based in Atlanta, Lou is particularly interested in meaning, identity, and purpose as they relate to the Christian worldview, especially in the lives of students and young adults.

Louis (Lou) Phillips is a fulltime OCCA fellow based in Atlanta, Georgia. He attended Grove City College and graduated with a bachelor of science degree, double majoring in molecular biology and political science. Lou also received his certificate of theological studies from Oxford University (Wycliffe Hall) and was trained at OCCA, the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics (OCCA).

He first discovered his love for evangelism and apologetics while briefly working in Washington, DC, as a legislative correspondent for a Senator from Oklahoma. This passion grew further when he traveled across the United States for three years as the main speaker for a teen evangelistic outreach.

Since then, he has played a role in RZIM’s student and young adult initiatives like REBOOT, ReFresh, and university event weeks all throughout the US, Canada, the UK, and the Middle East.

Lou is most interested in topics such as meaning, identity, and purpose as they relate to the Christian worldview, especially in the lives of students and young adults. Additionally, having been raised in a Christian household, he is passionate about equipping and challenging Christians with the truths of their faith. Lou is convinced that it is essential for Christians to find ways to discuss the most controversial issues of today but in a respectful and compassionate manner.

Coming from a large family, Lou loves to spend time with his parents, siblings, and his ever-growing number of nieces and nephews. In his free time, Lou likes to stay active and explore the outdoors wherever he might be in the world.

A significant portion of the Christian walk consists of a fight to remember Christ’s persistent work in our lives.

Upcoming Appearances by Louis Phillips

ReFresh 2020: Ready For College

Zacharias Institute
3755 Mansell Road
Alpharetta, GA 30022

July 21

Jo Vitale, Kasey Leander, Lou Phillips, Matthew Mittelberg, Nathan Rittenhouse, Sam Allberry, Shawn Hart, Vince Vitale
Come join us this year at ReFresh 2020 as we explore the greatest adventure of all: the adventure of abiding in Christ. An adventure where you never have to worry about where you belong, or how you fit in, because when you choose to do life with the God who makes his home in you, you will always be at home, wherever you go.
Event Title
ReFresh 2020: Ready For College
(770) 449-6766
Ticket Web Link

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