Madeline Jackson

An OCCA Fellow, Madeline’s passion for apologetics was born out of a desire to articulate the reality of Christ to people who were suffering. She speaks globally on how the gospel is universally relevant and ultimately transformative to all people.

Madeline Jackson is an OCCA fellow. She earned her bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. At Pepperdine she served as Chair of the Veritas Forum, an annual event that allows students to explore life’s most profound questions. Upon graduation from Pepperdine, Madeline went on to study apologetics and theology at OCCA The Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics and Oxford University. For two years after the OCCA, Madeline had the joy and privilege of engaging in evangelism and apologetics at universities throughout New England as an OCCA fellow. She recently earned a master in theology from the University of St. Andrews, and is currently working toward her PhD at the Logos Institute at the University of St. Andrews and enjoying the opportunity to serve with the team at the Zacharias Trust in Oxford.

Madeline’s heart for evangelism was born out of a desire to articulate the reality of Christ to people who are suffering. She came face-to-face with extreme poverty in Ethiopia as a young girl. This experience challenged her deeply and served as the catalyst for her ongoing commitment to global outreach. Witnessing the radical renewal of people’s lives through Jesus Christ, Madeline was convinced of the power and universal relevance of the gospel for the transformation of all people.

With a passion for reaching youth and young adults, Madeline seeks to share the profound satisfaction of knowing Christ in the face of our search for identity, purpose, and belonging. More specifically, she has a heart for inviting women to experience healing, transformation, and fullness of life through the person of Jesus Christ.

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