Neil Vimalkumar Boniface

Neil travels and speaks widely on varied platforms both in India and abroad, to both students and faculty and to corporate boardrooms and professionals. His training lectures have been instrumental in helping others share and defend the faith.

Neil Vimalkumar Boniface is Senior Apologist and Trainer with RZIM Life Focus Society. He is trained as an engineer from the Allahabad University. Coming from a Christian home, he committed his life to the Lord Jesus during his college years and with a mounting interest in the big questions of life, he pursued an MA (Honours) in Theology from SAIACS, Bengaluru. Neil completed a second masters from the University of Edinburgh (UK), specializing in Science and Religion.

For the last thirteen years, Neil has traveled widely and spoken on varied platforms both in India and abroad. His audiences include students and faculty from premier educational institutions, corporate boardrooms, and professionals from different walks of life. His inspirational lectures have been well-received in the public arena. He enjoys interacting with his audiences as he presents the message of Jesus Christ to them.

Neil has preached in Christian conferences, leading churches, retreats, and has been instrumental in training many in sharing and defending the faith. He has also spoken on radio broadcasts with AIR FM and FEBA.

Neil and his family make their home in Chennai, India.

Upcoming Appearances by Neil Vimalkumar Boniface

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June 01

Neil Vimalkumar
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