Racheal Mutesi

Racheal is an RZIM adjunct based in Uganda. She speaks and preaches powerfully across churches and university campuses on suffering, the character of God, and more.

Racheal Mutesi is an RZIM adjunct speaker based in Kampala, Uganda. Prior to coming to Oxford to study theology at Wycliffe Hall and participate in OCCA The Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics program in 2014-2015, Racheal completed her bachelor of commerce at Makerere University.

Racheal says the most exciting part about her ministry is seeing God at work, and watching how God uses a simple conversation to bring healing. Racheal has participated in numerous missions, including an RZIM mission week in Uganda where the team spoke at nine different universities. She loves to speak on anything that avails the opportunity to preach the gospel. She also speaks on a range of topics including “Is God Fair?” “Why Does God Allow Injustices of War, Poverty, or Famine If He Is Loving?” and “Why Would God Die?”

Outside of RZIM, Racheal founded Ufahari Girls Ministries, a faith based organization with the vision to see an empowered girl society in self and sustainable development through Christian apologetics and evangelism, education, discipleship, poverty alleviation, and improved health care. She offers pastoral support at Wakisa Teenage Crisis Center helping young pregnant girls through counseling and Bible study. Racheal is also involved in missions with her church as the Missions Coordinator, and she also volunteers as the Regional Coordinator for World Shine Ministries.

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