Sanj Kalra

The transformation Jesus brought to Sanj's life is one of the most remarkable testimonies of our time. He now shares his story and messages throughout the globe, particularly impacting the young and those in the business world.

Sanj Kalra is a speaker for RZIM. He was born in New Delhi, India, and comes from a Hindu background. His family immigrated to Ottawa, Canada, where he grew up through high school. He was then awarded a tennis scholarship at the University of Akron, Ohio, where he was graduated with a degree in business management. He worked in the medical device sales industry for over twenty years.

Despite enjoying unprecedented personal success, Sanj eventually went spinning out of control until, in a state of deep crisis, he had a dramatic encounter with Jesus Christ in June of 2010. Until that point, pleasure and indulgence were all he lived for. The transformation that Jesus brought to him is one of the most remarkable testimonies of our time. He joined the RZIM team in 2015 and now shares his story and messages throughout the globe. The impact he has is particularly felt among the young and the business world. He has spoken at churches and conferences where the response has always been heartwarming.

As part of the RZIM team, Sanj’s role also includes being the Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at RZIM. He is married to Kay and they are blessed with two daughters.

Sanj’s focus is on meaning and purpose and how Jesus Christ can give us new desires. Subjects that he addresses include:

  • Personal Testimony of Transformation
  • How Influence Can Lead To Forgiveness and Reconciliation
  • God’s Grace Is Sufficient
  • Are You an Honest or a Dishonest Seeker?

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