Simon Edwards

Simon is Lead Missioner at the OCCA and an itinerant speaker with RZIM who speaks in a wide variety of settings from universities to workplaces. With a unique perspective as a lawyer and a former teacher, Simon speaks on human dignity, ethics, and more.

Simon Edwards is Lead Missioner at OCCA The Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics and an itinerant speaker with RZIM (Zacharias Trust). He holds separate degrees in law and economics from the University of Queensland, Australia, as well as graduate diplomas in legal studies and education. Simon also has a postgraduate diploma in theology from the University of Oxford and is currently studying for a master’s degree in divinity at the University of St Andrews. He brings with him a diverse range of Christian ministry, legal, government, and teaching experience. Prior to joining RZIM, Simon lived and worked in Australia as a lawyer, specializing in private practice in commercial law and in government practice in constitutional law. He also worked for two years in a secondary school as a religious education teacher.

Simon is a regular speaker in many different settings, including at evangelistic and apologetic training events in universities, schools, churches, and workplaces both in the UK and abroad. He has also been invited to speak on a number of BBC Radio programs regarding the evidence for the Christian faith, particularly from his perspective as a lawyer. Simon’s areas of interest include moral apologetics, human dignity, faith and reason, the nature of truth, evidence for the resurrection, suffering, and ethics. Simon is married to Natasha, who is part of the leadership team at Latimer Minster, a missional Church of England church situated between London and Oxford. Simon and Natasha live in High Wycombe with their three young children, Grace, Jonathan, and Joseph.

The only vaccine for the virus of fear is the expulsive power of devotion for God.

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